July 4th is American Independence Day and in order to celebrate this holiday we wanted to do something to get in the spirit. We went through and picked out 30 of our favorite packaging projects that feature either red, white, or blue color schemes (or a combination of those). The result is a pretty inspiring collection of awesome projects. We hope you enjoy the holiday if you celebrate...Click to read full post...
Brazilian agency Chiapa Design created the packaging for Black Bear Smoked Goods. The packaging features a playful bear wearing a chef’s hat which helps reinforce the overall brand.Read More Packaging & Articles at
‘Technological Nature’ is a recent short film by media artist and designer Daria Jelonek exploring the emulation of natural phenomena with technology. Auroras, rainbows, and glaring sunlight, are all recreated with everyday materials in an eerily empty domestic environment.
“It’s a conversation starter when guests see us brand the ice in front of them.”
Taste of New York by FilmSpektakel
Porsche’s company logo was based on the coat of arms of the Free People’s State of Württemberg of former Weimar Germany.
The new .design domain is popping up everywhere, in just under 2 years it has been registered by more than 60k individuals worldwide with major brands on board as well, just see,,,,, The .design … Continue reading → The post .design, The Ultimate Domain Extension For Creatives appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
“The scar meant that I was stronger than what tried to hurt me.” -Anaïs Nin I frequently talk about troubles, struggles, triumphs, crashes and burns. I talk about how, after crumbling into little pieces, I’ve attempted to glue it all back together and move forward – stronger than I was before breaking. Not to be dark and dreary, […]
While I think Valentine’s Day is a completely reasonable excuse to get drunk and naked, I also stand firm in my belief that considering it an actual holiday is a bit of a stretch. Maybe I’m just being bitter…really, to each their their own, I suppose. However, my personal opinion is that this day adds unnecessary pressure […]
Welcome to World Design Rankings, a website that provides valuable insight into the entire design industry.  Each year WDR advocates and promotes groundbreaking design through it’s ranking. This international ranking system gives you a snapshot of the state-of-art and design, … Continue reading → The post World Design Rankings appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
Commission is a London based studio founded by David McFarline and Christopher Moorby, that specializes in print, packaging, editorial, and advertising design. They created this wonderful brand identity for Freight HHG, a UK homewares store. Commission drew inspiration for the visual system from the typography found on shipping containers.
Box FootLocker x Reebok – Exclusivité Footlocker
Sorbet (awesome name) is a New Zealand based multidiscipline design studio made up of Nicole Miller-Wong and Sheahan Huri. I personally love the work they did for Adé, an online collective of handpicked objects for modern living. I really love the color tones, and the quality of paper stock used.
Exceptional body of work from Wang Zhi-Hong. Take 15 minutes out of your day and go through every project. It’s worth it.
Vous me connaissez, les pièces originales me font rarement peur, quand j’ai vu cette robe je me suis dit qu’elle était pour moi. Comme un petit challenge à relever ! Et au final je suis toujours étonnée de voir à […]Ruffle & Pink powder sur Le Blog de Betty.
The good folks at LG are introducing the UltraWide 21:9 monitors to the creative world in a  unique way. Instead of a boring ad campaign they’ve decided to team up with YouTube sensation and master extreme sports video impresario Devin Graham … Continue reading → The post Sponsored Post: LG’s UltraWide Monitors Team Up With Extreme Sports Video Sensation appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
Designed by United Power | Country: Sweden “Bonza is an Australian expression that describes the feeling that spread through the body before you exclaim “hurray!”. Something is bonza if it is superb and amazing, but at the same time laid back and relaxed. People and places can be bonza. This wine is. Therefore, it was namned The […]
Parce que c’est le moment de les poser ici : J’ai hâte de pouvoir vous en dire plus sur ce projet qui verra le jour cette année et surtout de vous répondre ! Bisous Bomber : UNIF Short : Topshopdes questions ? sur Le Blog de Betty.
In a blog post published last week, The Creators Project composed a stunning list of eight artists who sculpt hyperrealistic depictions of the body: Marc Sijan, Xooang Choi, Sarah Sitkin, Jackie K. Seo, Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, Jamie Salmon, … Continue reading → The post Eight Artists Who Sculpt Mind-Bending, Hyperrealistic Depictions Of The Human Body appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
Designed by Project M+ | Country: United States “Born of love for her self-proclaimed granola connoisseur husband, Jennifer Sommer’s granola comes from the heart. This salty, sweet, nutty, crunchy treat is genuinely irresistible. Originally dubbed Obsessed granola, Sommer House gained an early following of foodie aficionados. Obsessed as people were, the name just didn’t ring true. M Plus developed the […]
Brooklyn based multimedia artist Emily McMaster has created a provocative video series featuring one shot scenes of masochism. Her work invites us into intimate and unsettling moments that provoke questions of power dynamics. Each work is a test for the … Continue reading → The post Emily McMaster’s Unsettling Videos Explore Notions Of Masochism And Femininity appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
All about the 80s aesthetic, Sir Elton John's new visual identity, sparkling wine in a can, and more. Here's the design news you might have missed.Read More Packaging & Articles at
Chiapa Design designed the fresh, contemporary packaging for Jelly Fresh, a line of seasoning that is dedicated solely to be used when cooking fish.Read More Packaging & Articles at
Marks from the Design Research Unit (DRU), founded in 1943.
Designed for Land Heritage, a charitable trust committed to the protection and promotion of organic farming in the UK.
Confluencias documents the themes and ideas of contemporary design through the work and opinions of Cuban/Spanish designers Félix Beltrán and Pepe Cruz Novillo.
As an arts blogger I spend most of my day looking at amazing things created by artists, performers and creatives. If you’re reading Beautiful/Decay, a good portion of your time is likely also spent in awe of the creative output … Continue reading → The post Learn to Customize Type With Aaron Draplin appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
Great brand identity work by New York and Spain based design consultancy, Atlas.
International design competition A’ Design Awards provides creatives a unique opportunity to their artwork on a global stage. Not only do designers get recognition by their peers but  it also works as a powerful marketing campaign for the winners brand. Some … Continue reading → The post A’ Design Awards & Competition – Last Call For Entries appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
With the motto “Ars Futura Cultura” i.e. Arts Cultivate the Future, Arts for the Culture of Future, A’ Design Award was created as a platform to highlight, advertise and advocate groundbreaking design and designers A’ Design Award. Their yearly award attracts aglobal audience of … Continue reading → The post A’ Design Awards & Competition – Call For Entries appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
Credit: Ewan Warburton Credit: Andy Williams Credit: Anton Karmanov You may never have given it much thought, but art has the potential to drag traditional, quaint activities or items into the modern world, applying an artistic touch to bring them back into … Continue reading → The post Bingomation: Transforming Bingo Through Modern Art For The Tech Generation appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
So, I’m pretty excited for the holidays. Before I had Enzo I actually never decorated our home. But you know, when you become a mom, you get all soft and all.. ;) But I have to say it’s now my favourite thing to do; buying a tree together, decorating the house and have Christmas breakfast for with just the three of us. And with my black and gold obsession, it should not come as a surprise that my Christmas decorations are any different. Eventhough I didn’t had the time to buy any new decorations, I did receive a surprise box from Blokker with all kinds of Christmas decorations. I just can’t get over that golden cutlery. LOVE it! I’m super happy with how my table turned out, it feels like a little party that’s going on in my dining area. During the holidays it just needs to pop! Can’t wait for Christmas morning! Unwrap gifts and have breakfast with my own little family. Thanks, Blokker, for saving our Christmas breakfast with all the golden interior goodies! And, to all my readers: ENJOY the holidays!
Counter Print has published a new book called Art Marks, that features a collection of logos from galleries, photographers, artists, museums, educational institutions, theatres, musicians, architects and designers from all over the world. The softbound book was designed by Leterme Dowling at 180x240mm and comes in at 208 pages. You can grab a copy directly from CP’s site.
“Art for art’s sake, money for God’s sake. Gimme the readys. Gimme the cash”, the band 10cc sang in the ‘70s. Kevin Godley, the band’s drummer, and Lol Creme, both former arts school students, were the creative force behind the … Continue reading → The post How To Get Yourself Off The Canvas And Earn Some Money appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
Neubau designed this ‘international style’ inspired packaging for Swiss coffee roaster Kaffeepur’s ‘Architecture Edition’. This series of four blends are dedicated to iconic modernist architects such as Le Corbusier, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Oscar Niemeyer and Tadao Ando. Client: Kaffeepur GmbH Designer: Stefan Gandl, Neubau Typeface: NB International™ Pro Bold Year: 2014
Hey folks, it’s been a while. Life got in the way, but I’m back from hibernation and I will try to post more frequently. This work designed by Malva Sawada and creative directed by Andrew Trotter is what got me out of my slumber. It’s a super minimal packaging design for Barcelona based skincare brand, Alex […]
It’s once again time to submit your most brilliant photograph to the Weather Channel’s third Annual “It’s Amazing Out There” photo contest. You have until August 1st to enter your best photograph of nature, adventure and weather for a chance … Continue reading → The post Enter The Weather Channel’s Third Annual Photo Contest appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
Semaine dernière, j’ai fait une petite virée au Touquet avec mon amie Lucie, histoire de fuir le mauvais temps parisien. Assez de ce déluge, little sun needed…. Fast! Petite valise facilement faite et nous voila parties pour un road trip. […]le touquet sur Le Blog de Betty.
Gary Hustwit, the director of the documentaries Helvetica, Objectified, and Urbanized, is directing the first feature-length documentary about the life of legendary product designer, Dieter Rams. He has put together a Kickstarter to fund the rest of the filming and production. The backer rewards are great, including posters designed by Michael C. Place of Build. This is […]
Designed by One Trick Pony | Country: United States “To celebrate it’s first anniversary, Taft’s Ale House in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati releases Old Wooden Tooth – a limited-edition Russian Imperial Stout that has been aging in bourbon barrels since the ale house opened last year. Taft’s design shop, 1 Trick Pony, teamed up […]
Designed by Senyor Estudi | Country: Spain “A fine line separates the worlds of wine and beer. Fil is a seam stitched between these two worlds. A sparkling wine made with a type of yeast typically used for brewing beer. The natural formation of bubbles produced by bottle fermentation manifests itself in a multitude of threads of tiny bubbles […]
Business cards have massive potential to keep your audience engaged. When used properly, they act as avenues that drive people to your social media presence, personalize your company and dramatically extend your brand’s footprint. Of course, creating a great design is … Continue reading → The post Brand Creativity: Getting The Most Out Of Your Business Cards appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
Designed by Squad Ink | Country: Australia “We constantly find ourselves dreaming up product ideas that bridge the gap between design and product development. Seaworthy Vodka is one of those ideas that we’re proud has made it off the pages in our scrapbook and into production! Inspired by the Australian seaside and the glorious Bloody Mary cocktail –Seaworthy’s unique taste profile […]
Last year, we featured the work of Dutch artist Patrick Bergsma. Featured today is a selection of his newer works, which demonstrate his endless creativity in sculpting floating, post-apocalyptic homes. Appearing to defy gravity, old ramshackle buildings painted in rustic shades … Continue reading → The post Nature Meets Urban Decay In Patrick Bergsma’s Magical, Gravity-Defying Landscape Sculptures appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
Student Saehan Kim designed the packaging for ROUGH + RAW, a conceptual whiskey brand. The design is unique in that it incorporates a variety of different textures.Read More Packaging & Articles at
Created by London based convivial studio, Kinedioscope is a technique used to create animated depth effects on static photographs. The process is comprised of reverse-engineering the technology of photogrammetry in order to perfectly align the photography with the perspective of the 3D model and create depth and masking effects.
A-B-Z-TXT is back as the ‘school for 21st century typography’—and it is looking for international applicants. Apply to join Zach Lieberman, Mindy Seu, Ali S. Qadeer, and others in Toronto Aug 17-20 for four days of masterclasses, workshops, and lectures.
source Do you like the arts? (Spoiler alert: if you are browsing this website, you probably do). Do you believe that more people should have access to art and have the chance appreciate original artwork from their local community? Good. … Continue reading → The post 6th Annual Art Bingo: Playing Bingo For Fun, For Art, And For the Community With Local Boston Art Charity appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
The winners to A’ Design Awards was recently announced and we couldn’t be more excited! The global design award was established to create awareness for groundbreaking design in a wide array of genres. The ultimate aim of the A’ Design … Continue reading → The post A’ Design Award & Competition Winners Announced! appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
Never underestimate the satisfaction that accompanies slipping on a jammin’ jumpsuit — ONE AND DONE (reference here, here and here…see what I mean?!) I was talking to a friend about fashion and trends recently, something I rarely discuss these days because, well, I don’t care that much. That being said , this conversation did encourage me to acknowledge […]
Title: Colors, Counting, and Tableware by Edward Ramsay-MorinStop motion animations I made for a DVD series to introduce children to foreign languages (Spanish and Chinese) through immersion. It was a pro bono job, but I had complete creative freedom and was able to retain ownership of the content.
Voici en quelques photos le séjour que j’ai passé à Los Angeles avec Yves Saint Laurent beauty ! Une rencontre avec Staz Lindes le nouveau visage de la marque et autres réjouissances étaient au programme ( Notamment un nouveau tatouage […]YSL DTLA sur Le Blog de Betty.
Let me first start by saying: happy (belated) 2017! Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. Between eating and spending time with my loved ones, I also thought it was the perfect time for a wardrobe clean up. And to putt together my new Ziito Design clothes rails, where I can store all my current favourites. Like my new shearling coat from ZARA, this insanely gorgeous dress from Magali Pascal, grey crossbody bag from Rough Studios and my new My Paper Bag from MYOMY (found at Marington) just to name a few.. But hey, there is always room for more.. ;)
J’ai eu la chance de rencontrer Gérard Butler il y a deux semaines avant les GQ Awards Homme de l’année. J’ai pu l’interviewer dans sa suite. Forcément j’étais stressée, je redoutais la rencontre informelle et le malaise… J’entre dans la […]Ma rencontre avec Gerard Butler sur Le Blog de Betty.
Mildred & Duck is a Melbourne-based design studio made up of by Sigiriya Brown and Daniel Smith. They specialize in print, digital and environmental media design. They just recently completed a minimal typographic visual identity for window furnishing studio, Barlow & Hunt.
What is art? Well, if Edgar Degas was right and art “is not what you see” but “what you make others see”, then art can be anything. However, what if the vision someone else has isn’t quite what you expected? … Continue reading → The post Is Social Media a Useful Marketing Tool for Artists? appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
RM Pro is a new typeface designed by Mark Bloom of Mash Creative. It’s available in 3 weights – Light, Regular and Bold – as OpenType, and WebFont formats, and includes alternate a’s and l’s, plus a full set of Eastern and Central European characters. RM Pro is available to buy exclusively from T:D:F, and you’ll […]
Rose gold, comme mon iPhone et comme la couleur qui m’obsède en ce moment ! Je vous présente la paire de Reebok que j’ai porté non stop ces derniers jours à Londres ( même sur le lit donc …) C’est […]Foot Locker x Reebok sur Le Blog de Betty.
Designed by Stranger & Stranger | Country: United States “Sonoma’s West County is known for the sea glass on it’s beaches and the local artists who re-use found materials in their work. We thought Sonoma Dry best defined this distinctive gin made from local ingredients.”
Voici les photos que j’ai fait pour la marque de lingerie Barbara ,( il y a beaucoup de noir en blanc en ce moment par ici n’est ce pas ? ^^) La marque a imaginé cette collection doudoune en exclusivité, […]Barbara Ice breaker sur Le Blog de Betty.
Designed by GBX Studio | Country: Italy “Elisir di Trabia is an extra-virgin olive oil produced in Trabia, a small town in Sicily. The name is inspired by the well-known opera “L’elisir d’amore” (The elixir of Love) by Gaetano Donizetti. This olive oil is not a love potion, but you will fall in love with it’s fragrance […]
Jiyong Lee is an artist and educator based in Carbondale, Illinois, who works in the medium of glass art. In a series titled Segmentation, Lee has created fascinating, geometric glass blocks that metaphorically examine life science. Mirroring the processes of cell … Continue reading → The post Jiyong Lee Carves Fragmented, Geometric Glass Blocks That Represent Cell Division And Growth appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
Kunihiko Nohara creates lofty sculptures whose subjects hover between the earth and sky. Using a single piece of wood for each of his pieces, Nohara replaces clothing with clouds making his figures seem ready to take flight in a hot … Continue reading → The post Kunihiko Nohara Creates Sculptures That Hang Between The Earth And Sky appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
New York based artist Mindo Cikanavicius photographs portraits of men with foam “facial hair.” Within this series, titled Bubbleissimo, (perhaps making a play on the word “machismo”), the artist distorts the notion of masculinity through a comedic display of the … Continue reading → The post Mindo Cikanavicius’ Comedic Series “Bubbleissimo” Questions The Meaning Of Masculinity appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.

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