Graphic designer from Albania - Vasjen Katro challenged his inner visual goddess by doing a stunning abstract poster every day. By completing "Baugasm 365" last month he sets new goals for the next year Appreciate on Behance
Десять, проверенных другими родителями, способов отучения ребенка от соски. Всем родителям рано или поздно приходится отучать малыша от соски. Когда приходит время возникает уйма вопросов как это сделать. Можно прочитать много книг, прислушаться к опыту друзей и подруг, узнать мнение об этом у бабушек, выслушать советы врачей, но все равно решить эту проблему сложно. Следует […]
“Never apologize for how you feel. No one can control how they feel. The sun doesn’t apologize for being the sun. The rain doesn’t say sorry for falling. Feelings just are.” -Iain S. Thomas I’ve come to realize that I am spending a lot of time worried about my feelings, how to properly convey them, and the impact […]
Dreamer and ‘wizard’ illustrator from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Anna Labi has some intriguing illustrations in her portfolio. @annaorca
Fotonaut is the best photobooth around for even more memorable events.
Created by Basel (CH) based visual designer Cyrill Studer for "Baby Behold" by the band Carvel', is a collection of computer generated graphics that accompany the music in a subtle but clever and engaging way.
An interactive campaign site featuring John Malkovich playing iconic scenes from David Lynch movies.
"We The Fans" is a multiplatform storytelling project about life and love as a football fan. We created a digital experience centered around the Chicago Bears' biggest fans.
Freelance designer @DannPetty drove 10,000 miles across the United States to interview freelancers about their daily lives.
Created by Seoul based artistic duo Shinseungback Kimyonghun, 'Animal Classifier' is an AI trained to divide animals into arbitrary classifications to foreground the imperfections and edge cases in classification systems.
While I personally have very little interest in thrash metal, there are those rare occasions when I can identify with the rage and aggression that must inspire this genre of music. I belong nowhere near a mosh pit, and am the opposite of a violent human — but sometimes it feels like I’m stuck in […]
Carbon Beauty® was founded upon the idea that customers deserve a better platform to explore and purchase beauty products.
Gerd Leufert migrated to Caracas, Venezuela, in 1951, where he helped to establish the foundations for the country’s graphic design profession.
Created by Jasper van Loenen, Linger is a small, portable device that allows you to create and blend into a virtual crowd by storing the specific WiFi signals from everyone that comes near you, and rebroadcasting their signals infinitely when they leave, making it seem as if they are still there.
HEAVY BODY PAINT is a new installment in an ongoing series of works by the NYC-based artist duo exonomeo that fuses paint and pixel in dry self-referentiality.
Created by the Mediated Matter Group and the MIT Media Lab, GLASS II is the group's most recent work in the area of 3D printing optically transparent glass now at architectural scale.
Vintage predecessors to contemporary company logos, lovely Italian marks in the Archivio Grafica Italiana, Jerry West on the NBA logo...
A great alternative for the London 2012 logo.
Never underestimate the satisfaction that accompanies slipping on a jammin’ jumpsuit — ONE AND DONE (reference here, here and here…see what I mean?!) I was talking to a friend about fashion and trends recently, something I rarely discuss these days because, well, I don’t care that much. That being said , this conversation did encourage me to acknowledge […]
Title: Colors, Counting, and Tableware by Edward Ramsay-MorinStop motion animations I made for a DVD series to introduce children to foreign languages (Spanish and Chinese) through immersion. It was a pro bono job, but I had complete creative freedom and was able to retain ownership of the content.
While I think Valentine’s Day is a completely reasonable excuse to get drunk and naked, I also stand firm in my belief that considering it an actual holiday is a bit of a stretch. Maybe I’m just being bitter…really, to each their their own, I suppose. However, my personal opinion is that this day adds unnecessary pressure […]
Attack of The Blob, by: darth owen
Hot police pursuit in a miniature world by Jelly Eyes
Yet Another USA Travel Video by Ofer RozenmanA few months ago my wife and I honeymooned the West Coast of the US. Over the period of 35 days and 3500 miles I’ve shot 16.5K stills (=400GB), which I later edited to this 2:45 min stop-motion video. Hope you’ll enjoy it!   Stats: 7 US states, 27 motels, 5 rental cars, 1 car crash, 0 injuries, 7 flights, countless relocating thoughts.    Route: Vancouver - Seattle - Portland - Yosemite Park - San Francisco - Monterey - Los Angeles - Zion Park - Bryce Park - Las Vegas - Hoover Dam - Williams - Grand Canyon - Antelope Canyon - Flagstaff - Sedona - Albuquerque - Santa Fe Equipment: Sony RX1, no tripod. Music: “Road To Hell” by Sleigh Bells ( Showreel:
Spartan had long outgrown their testosterone-fueled name (and logo, and everything else) and sought a brand reset that could last a lifetime.
Created by Román Torre and Ángeles Angulo (Rotor Studio), THERO is an object designed to allow users to manage and be aware of their data traffic in a (literally) physical way.
FWA of the day 17 May 2017: Nick Jones Design and Code Project Link The portfolio of freelance designer, prototyper, developer Nick Jones. #FOTD #thefwa
As an arts blogger I spend most of my day looking at amazing things created by artists, performers and creatives. If you’re reading Beautiful/Decay, a good portion of your time is likely also spent in awe of the creative output … Continue reading → The post Learn to Customize Type With Aaron Draplin appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
"In this cool music video for Dan Black’s “Farewell” feat. Kelis, French director-duo Chic & Artistic, used 25 monsters to illustrate the song’s theme of memory. Each monster is a unique, original creation, made using multiple techniques, including the recycling of materials. They are designed to represent the distorted memories of a relationship, the half forgotten moments, the amplified details." @danblacksound
Showcasing three film collaborations by Liam Young and Tim Maughan, “New Romance: Love Stories from the Machine City” is an exhibition currently showing at the Arthur Ross Architecture Gallery (Columbia GSAPP) about finding respite and cultivating resistance in the smart city.
Discovered by FKA Twigs for her Nike campaign , young photographer from Brussels @daviduzochukwu David Uzochukwu is now shooting for editorials like Wonderland magazine clutching tightly at his signature style, where vulnerability is met with power and dipped in soft light @daviduzochukwu
A heat warped, boned baked collab with team Clima from adidas. Dual layered and enriched with story content just below the surface - Click & Hold to experience.
Photographer Flora Borsi explores the human identity and the relations between animals and people in her new series "Animeyed" where she "replaced" her right eye with animal's chosen Limited Prints
Created by St. Petersburg artist collective VOLNA, Powerline is an audio reactive installation comprised of 220 meters of electroluminescent wire driven by 15 meter “voltaic arc” filling the space with electric buzz and sparks.
A residential compound of a new type. It’s not just an accommodation but a beautiful, magic story behind every brick. Come with us in a world of imagination. The magic is just beginning
Elle a reduit les problemes de sante sexuelle chez les hommes dans une mesure importante.
A multi—disciplinary digital agency in Istanbul, run by a group of design addict and creative people.
Resn and adidas dish up an urban noir dripping with light phantisma to showcase the 2017 NMD_ products and looks.
Portfolio of Nahel Moussi - French Interactive & motion designer
DEW and the NBA teamed up again for the 2017 season, and we built them a digital hub to house their official partnership, highlight their athletes and showcase their collaborations.
The portfolio site for digital & branding agency Pollen London
The winners to A’ Design Awards was recently announced and we couldn’t be more excited! The global design award was established to create awareness for groundbreaking design in a wide array of genres. The ultimate aim of the A’ Design … Continue reading → The post A’ Design Award & Competition Winners Announced! appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
Great brand identity work by New York and Spain based design consultancy, Atlas.
Michael Bierut recounts the designing of Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo, and the backlash against it, in I’m With Her.
Over the cheesy gift roundups. Not in the mood to share a tear-jerking novella. No romantic poetry. Sure, I do indulge in these things from time to time – guilty as charged. But NOT today… Middle fingers up to Cupid and Hallmark. Here’s to ditching labels and eye-rolling at fake holidays. For my ladies who’d prefer a night in with […]
Offensive Gestures Around The World by Nei Valente
With the motto “Ars Futura Cultura” i.e. Arts Cultivate the Future, Arts for the Culture of Future, A’ Design Award was created as a platform to highlight, advertise and advocate groundbreaking design and designers A’ Design Award. Their yearly award attracts aglobal audience of … Continue reading → The post A’ Design Awards & Competition – Call For Entries appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
Stop Motion video made by Hugo and Cat for Sony
Timelapse of Incredible Ladakh by Debarup Mukherjee I was traveling in Ladakh on July 2016 for 12 days and have taken over 5000 photos to create this video. All photos were taken at the places like Leh, Nubra Valley which is 10,000 ft above the sea level, the World famous Pangong Tso (Lake) 14,270 ft above the sea level and under the temperature like 7°c – 8°c in the morning and -1°c to 0°c in the night. Here are the details: Total number of photos taken for this timelapse: 5000 Total time taken for all the process: 40+ days Gadget was used: Nikon D5300 with 18-55mm Lens and 55-200mm Lens Locations: Leh, Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso (Lake), Leh – Kargil Highway NH1
Visual artists from Mexico - Alfredo Chamal uses simple ball-point pen to create his photo realistic artworks. This medium is nothing new and used by prominent contemporary artists like Jan Fabre or famous illustrator Juan Casas . As for Alfredo it's a new way to reveal psychorealistic art that's rolling on in Mexico right now @alfredo_chamal
A newspaper, a car... : our everyday objects can have a second life. To preserve the natural resources of the planet, we know how to turn your waste into new resources. Are you ready?
Graphic designer from Buenos Aires, Angello Torres, envisioned a series of dreamy, scattered posters. Focusing on neat typography, the works illustrate films, art events or depict loose thoughts and ideas. @the_whispering_sea
Foster the growth and development of volleyball in Canada and provide leadership that enhances performance and participation in volleyball.
Artist Stacy Lovejoy’s newest sculpture series “Super Power Tools” combines vibrant colours and simple shapes, inspiring viewers to harness the carefree and adventurous spirit of childhood. Stacy channels her inner child and love for whimsy to communicate childlike abandon and lust for life through installations, paintings, sculpture and performance art. Her ability to convey the essence of youth through multiple mediums seems driven by her connection to honesty and spontaneity: an artistic expression of the desire to remain forever young. From her studio in Portland, OR, Stacy creates a variety of art which aligns well with the neo-pop, futurism and contemporary faux naïf genres. Her history includes drawing from a very young age, and continuously seeking new ways in which to artistically express her joy and concurrently inspire others to lie authentically through reigniting the glittering excitement and insatiable curiosity inherent in young children. “Creating art takes me back to my childhood - that time when you admire water drops which sparkle in a sunny ray; seek funny characters in a rug; giggle over your puddle reflection and smile when a gentle wind tickles your cheeks. A time when you are happy-go-lucky, sensitive, almighty, and sometimes naive, but always genuine. I am an eternal child and art allows me to maintain this state of being” — Stacy Lovejoy Through this mindset, Stacy aims to inspire others to create their own reality and utilise their freedom of choice to foster artistic and intellectual curiosity with a penchant for experimentation and adventure. Super Power Tools“Super Power Tools” is composed of 17 pieces fashioned primarily from acrylic on plywood, which exhibit a multitude of influences: mother nature makes a strong appearance, with a repeating theme of foliage and flower petals in variegating color schemes, plumage of winged creatures, and mystical patterns reflecting majestic creatures; conversely, the installations reference to tools shines through in pieces like Programming Book of a Goal Achievement and Fan Spreader of Spontaneity, which tout markings and shapes that call to mind protractors, measuring tapes, and grandfather clocks. This dichotomy of nature and spontaneity, melded with structured implements from the man-made world, seems to explore Stacy’s desire to cultivate a return to the childlike state for those who view her art, urging them to let go of stifling stress and seriousness and breathe in “Super Power Tools” to unleash the silliness and wonderment of youth. @stacy_lovejoy
Created by artist Philip Schütte in collaboration with Random Studio, SUN is an interactive installation that turns one of nature’s most mediated phenomenas – the rising and setting of the sun – into a playful sensory experience.
Simple things. Reactive things. The portfolio of Interactive Art Director and Designer Michele Angeloro.
Eagle Films is an active player on the entertainment scene as a major independent Hollywood movies distributor and co-producer.
The young creatives' space is a disruptive art piece, where photography meets advanced technologies. It features +100 rising creatives to discover in a surreal & ephemeral atmosphere.
Created by the ECAL's Bachelor Media & Interaction Design students at ÉCAL, and led by Niklas Roy, Bouquet is a synaesthetic olfactory device which allows the user to perceive color through fragrances.
Online checkouts use a shopping trolley symbol which also looks similar to musical notation.
The identity is centred around a simple abstraction of a bike, whose main function is to present itself in an attentive but subdued manner.
Portfolio of a young Paris based interactive designer and developer. Currently student in fourth year at HETIC and looking for a 6-month internship.
Linea Light Group can combine the study on the best lighting solutions with the concepts of technology, sustainability and quality.
A new amazing website for the antiordinary collection of the designer Ron Arad. Design inspired by the innovative dna of the company who is disrupting the eyewear industry compromises.
Created by the students of Media Design Master at HEAD Genève, BloodBank and DarkLight are two games that explore the notion of physically distributed ambient storytelling and coerce users into playful and shared forms of interaction.
Experiment around Albert Kahn Foundation's collection of photographs, shot all around the world, between 1900 and 1940, available in Opendata.
Minigame for googles webVR technology based on the mechanics of ping pong. Play against your friend or against the wall.
Apply for a grant to collaborate on an R&D ICT-Project and access emerging technologies to produce an original artwork.
Created by Yuri Suzuki Design Studio and presented at the recent Milan Design Week, Sonic Pendulum is a sound installation in which articial intelligence imagines and materialises an endless soundscape.
The new .design domain is popping up everywhere, in just under 2 years it has been registered by more than 60k individuals worldwide with major brands on board as well, just see,,,,, The .design … Continue reading → The post .design, The Ultimate Domain Extension For Creatives appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
As a side project for the past couple of years, graphic designer Rokas Sutkaitis has been collecting previously unpublished trademarks designed in the USSR.
As a nod to the achievement of a hugely successful 60 years in business, here’s a brief look at the sketches behind some of the firm’s logos.
International design competition A’ Design Awards provides creatives a unique opportunity to their artwork on a global stage. Not only do designers get recognition by their peers but  it also works as a powerful marketing campaign for the winners brand. Some … Continue reading → The post A’ Design Awards & Competition – Last Call For Entries appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
We’re Laying Tracks by Troubled Girl
Voici en quelques photos le séjour que j’ai passé à Los Angeles avec Yves Saint Laurent beauty ! Une rencontre avec Staz Lindes le nouveau visage de la marque et autres réjouissances étaient au programme ( Notamment un nouveau tatouage […]YSL DTLA sur Le Blog de Betty.
Call Me Wild by Martin BaltserThe song I send you (Call Me Wild) was written one evening looking back on my time at the school bench in a small town. Back then I was one of those boys that had way too much energy and I could never really concentrate for more than a minute before I found myself jumping on my chair, drawing on the table, whispering to the others, or gazing out the window dreaming of running around in a muddy forest somewhere. The teacher would then tell me to sit still, stop drawing, shut up and stop looking out the window. So there I was, stuck and sweating over numbers and math that I honestly never used since then. So my song is the story of a boy with all the possibilities in the world, and a school that tries to tare down this raw and wild potential by teaching ‘there-is-only-one-right-answer-to-everything’ policy.Thank you for your time and your inspiring work!
Rosemary by Lesser Kestrels Author: me, John E. Hickey III Additional Info: I made this video for my band Lesser Kestrels. It’s all hand drawn/painted stop motion animation. It’s my first serious attempt at stop motion animation.
BLASTERER by velcrowolf

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