Spent three days filming with Braun in NYC, visiting some of my favorite local spots.
An alternate reality web experience for The CWs Riverdale which utilizes Facebook Connect resulting in a personalized comic book narrative inspired by the Archie Comics
AiMEN analyses in real time posts on social networks using AI Watson. It then answers every post through Pope Pius XIII with the most appropriate verse from the Bible.
Size is a small creative agency based in Zagreb Croatia Branding design and advertising are our thing No multitasking no mega production Just fresh original stuff
Travel through a century of tree rings and explore authors stories about Future Library a 100year artwork
February, 6 is Red Collar's birthday. We've turned 6 years old. Here's our 2016 year in review microsite. Click & hold to get back in time. Click & hold to speed up events.
The new provides smart investing tools and information via an intuitive, interactive interface.
UNIT9’s team of programmers used Three.js, WebGL and GLSL to develop the interactive map where users can embark on quests and discover more about season two of the show.
Bold as a sneaker, Classic as a design piece.
Tap. Learn. Repeat. iOS EN-JP audio phrasebook with words and phrases translated and recorded by native Japanese speakers. Communicate better and learn more about the Japanese culture!
Take a journey through the life of The Goldfinch by Carel Fabritius, which unfolds before your eyes.
A meditation on several recent Troika projects that render cellular automata with dice and anodised aluminium rather than pixels on a screen. Realized over the last four years, these works demonstrate how a prolonged investigation into a rudimentary approach can yield rich dividends.
Climatune is a collaboration between AccuWeather and Spotify. An experience that brings to life a study on how weather affects what you listen to, wherever you are.
Go Rando is a Chrome and Firefox extension by Ben Grosser that allows Facebook users to obfuscate their emotional reactions to prevent them from being surveilled and analyzed.
International design competition A’ Design Awards provides creatives a unique opportunity to their artwork on a global stage. Not only do designers get recognition by their peers but  it also works as a powerful marketing campaign for the winners brand. Some … Continue reading → The post A’ Design Awards & Competition – Last Call For Entries appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
We’re Laying Tracks by Troubled Girl
With the motto “Ars Futura Cultura” i.e. Arts Cultivate the Future, Arts for the Culture of Future, A’ Design Award was created as a platform to highlight, advertise and advocate groundbreaking design and designers A’ Design Award. Their yearly award attracts aglobal audience of … Continue reading → The post A’ Design Awards & Competition – Call For Entries appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
Attack of The Blob, by: darth owen
Hot police pursuit in a miniature world by Jelly Eyes
“The scar meant that I was stronger than what tried to hurt me.” -Anaïs Nin I frequently talk about troubles, struggles, triumphs, crashes and burns. I talk about how, after crumbling into little pieces, I’ve attempted to glue it all back together and move forward – stronger than I was before breaking. Not to be dark and dreary, […]
Timelapse of Incredible Ladakh by Debarup Mukherjee I was traveling in Ladakh on July 2016 for 12 days and have taken over 5000 photos to create this video. All photos were taken at the places like Leh, Nubra Valley which is 10,000 ft above the sea level, the World famous Pangong Tso (Lake) 14,270 ft above the sea level and under the temperature like 7°c – 8°c in the morning and -1°c to 0°c in the night. Here are the details: Total number of photos taken for this timelapse: 5000 Total time taken for all the process: 40+ days Gadget was used: Nikon D5300 with 18-55mm Lens and 55-200mm Lens Locations: Leh, Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso (Lake), Leh – Kargil Highway NH1
FRUITLYMPICS #2: Weightlifting by Andre Maat5
Ben Terrett continued his review of books he’ll never read with a look at Saul Bass: A Life in Film and Design.
Bound the Epic Lego Movie by Monitogo Studios
In this Step by Step profile, look over the shoulder of one of our industry's best. Here, Freddy Arenas dives deeper into his recent exploration of 3D character animation.
FWA of the day 21 March 2017: Expedia + VisitBritain: The Only Place Project Link We partnered with 180LA on their series of tongue-in-cheek infomercials to create a unique web and mobile experience. Five quirky characters invite users to explore the highlights of London, Manchester, Wales, Cornwall and the Scottish Highlands. #FOTD #thefwa
In his annual SXSW wrapup, science fiction author and design theorist Bruce Sterling laid a smackdown on Silicon Valley re: AI and automation.
FWA of the day 20 March 2017: Toyota: The Impossible Quest Project Link This 4D VR installation puts you behind the wheel of the new Prius Prime in a futuristic car chase designed by Syd Mead. The Quest starts with the creation of a VR painting, which becomes the instigator of a real-time 3D experience that is enhanced by 4D effects that literally blow you away. #FOTD #thefwa
Meet Jeweller. It's encrypted radioprotocol for Ajax security system. Tointroduce its features we created the website which describes the smoothevolution from wires to radio waves.
“Evidentiary Realism” is an exhibition that delves into the aesthetics of sites of inaccessibility, incarceration, and intrigue. CAN’s NYC correspondent Dylan Schenker ponders the Paolo Cirio-curated show, which emerges from the collaboration of NOME and the Fridman Gallery.
F37 is an award-winning font foundry established by design studio Face37 in London.
InSymbiosis provides the biopharma industry an alternative strategy for outsourcing to accelerate drug development programs provide low costs enabling new drugs to reach patients fast
Game developer and 3D technical lead Keith O’Conor of Romero games recently wrote a ‘GPU Performance for Game Artists 101’ that breaks down the GPU pipeline from input assembly through to final render.
An interactive video for VeilHymn, the one-time collaborative effort from Dev Hynes & Bryndon Cook with exclusive behind the scenes content brought to you by MailChimp.
A project by Design I/O for TIFF Kids International Film Festival’s interactive playground digiPlaySpace, Mimic brings a UR5 robotic arm to life and imbues it with personality. Playfully craning its neck to get a better look, arcing back when it is startled – it responds to each child that enters its field of view.
Portfolio of Anagram Paris. A french creative agency.
Ryoichi Kurokawa sets out a new phase of his use of space with light and sound, and how different mediums can be merged in space and time as single unit. node 5:5 fills the ACC in Gwangju, South Korea with mesmerising abstract information and imagery, intoxicating the viewer in an unforgettable visual, auditory and spatial experience.
Created by the visual artist Palmer Eldritch aka Denial of Service, “Onryō” is the latest in the series of audio/video releases that combines tech-noir chaos with reaction-diffusion sequences created in Max/Jitter, courtesy of Paul Fennell.
Logobook aims “to improve global design standards in logo and identity design, and encourage businesses and designers to create original logo designs.”
The Helsinki studio of Bond created the logo for Eero Aarnio Originals, the new company that manufactures Aarnio’s original designs.
Affectionately nicknamed “the Fuji,” the Atari logo, designed by George Opperman, still persists as a lasting part of popular culture.
Title: Colors, Counting, and Tableware by Edward Ramsay-MorinStop motion animations I made for a DVD series to introduce children to foreign languages (Spanish and Chinese) through immersion. It was a pro bono job, but I had complete creative freedom and was able to retain ownership of the content.
While I think Valentine’s Day is a completely reasonable excuse to get drunk and naked, I also stand firm in my belief that considering it an actual holiday is a bit of a stretch. Maybe I’m just being bitter…really, to each their their own, I suppose. However, my personal opinion is that this day adds unnecessary pressure […]
“Finally Glennan got up, pounded the damn table and said, ‘I’m gonna make the decision, we’re going with this one.’”
Stop Motion video made by Hugo and Cat for Sony
Rosemary by Lesser Kestrels Author: me, John E. Hickey III Additional Info: I made this video for my band Lesser Kestrels. It’s all hand drawn/painted stop motion animation. It’s my first serious attempt at stop motion animation.
BLASTERER by velcrowolf
Synergy by Treat Studios
Time-Lapse: Summer 2016 in Montreal
Stone soup by Milán Kopasz - stop motion animation with the special puppetoons technique
Figurative artist Jenny Morgan explores femininity in aspects of life, death and rebirth. "Fusing figurative realism with graphic forms, her impeccably detailed images demonstrate an exceptional technique, while purposefully abstracting the human body—at times literally reducing it to its fundamental, skeletal structure." Never Going Back With New Eyes
Designcollector is proud to be a part of Jury panel at Bassawards this year,  the International Awards of Motion Graphics, Animation and Broadcast Design.Entries opened from 21 March to 30 MayThe BassAwards want reward, once again, the best audiovisual pieces worldwide, which make a major use of Motion Graphics and animation, as well as excellent design, creativity and execution. No matter the size of the company, if you are freelance or who is your customer. BassAwards look for the best. This year renew the 9 categories, reviewing the works and concerns of the participants of past editions. In 2017, the animation design for series or Internet programs, among others, will have room in BassAwards, with the intention of finding the best creatives in practically all the audiovisual sectors.The contest will start on 21st March and will finish on 30th May. BassAwards remain hopeful like every year to find the excellence, rewarding the bests. Apply Now
In the words of Lumiere When the moment is right confess your love This insight lead to a revolutionary experience where people could send 360 messages to the ones they love
The “jelly-man” sequence of “Inside Out” leaped out at me. I asked director Jonny Kofoed if it was inspired by Albert Omoss’ experimental artworks. The character is actually the product of Assembly’s Alex McCleod, who has this to say: The jelly-man came from our GPU-powered simulation testbed, which gets new features every time we use it. It’s usually a fluid simulator, and it’s generally real-time, so instead of trying to keyframe a plausible flopping animation, we just recorded an interactive session of pushing, pulling and swirling a man-shaped bundle of infrangible liquid, and we kept the highlights. Another product of the same simulation system: It’s also great for creating tentacle animations, like these:
Celebrate 15 years of Nikes SB Dunk with stories behind some of the most iconic designs since 2002
As a nod to the achievement of a hugely successful 60 years in business, here’s a brief look at the sketches behind some of the firm’s logos.
Created by Saurabh Datta, border_ctrl explores future government agency, created to keep tabs of internet browsing of individuals. To keep a healthy control of one's online activities, Internet Border Control[IBC] runs a daemon on individual's computers.
Never underestimate the satisfaction that accompanies slipping on a jammin’ jumpsuit — ONE AND DONE (reference here, here and here…see what I mean?!) I was talking to a friend about fashion and trends recently, something I rarely discuss these days because, well, I don’t care that much. That being said , this conversation did encourage me to acknowledge […]
What if tweaking rhythm and melodic loops was like editing DNA? This is the question at the heart of Seaquence, a new iOS app by Okaynokay where you populate a Petri dish with ‘creatures’ that visually represent their sonic properties. A bold step away from conventional interface paradigms, it blends notions of tool, instrument, and game into something new and distinct.
Explore data and insights from over 1,000,000 Photoshop and Sketch designs
Created by Flower/Fu Dongting, weave/wave is an interactive artwork that converts portraits of visitors into a particle field that is used to construct a mirror image, one of data and sound.
“The rebus is a mnemonic device, a kind of game designed to engage the reader and, incidentally, lots of fun.”
Created by Lauren McCarthy, "The Changing Room" installation invites participants to browse and select one of hundreds of emotions, then evoking that emotion in them and everyone in the space through a layered environment of light, visuals, sound, text, and interaction exhibited over a multi-level, many-sided display.
I SPY is a beautifully filmed, interactive think-piece about the tensions between governments, intelligence agencies and individuals as data collection grows and privacy is eroded.
bearideas is an award wining communications agency located in Paris. creatively strategic & strategically creative, we bring genuine, smart and powerful ideas and concepts to life.
Create is an explorative movement within Bang & Olufsen on a quest to inspire and be inspired by the global creative community.
Ovaries are cool, period is average, "vagina" is not a bad word, women do have superpowers and this is Dot.
DiMoDa is a VR-based ‘digital museum for digital art’ initiated in 2015. After a busy 2016 the museum’s second iteration is currently showing at RISD Museum in Rhode Island. The museum’s co-founder Alfredo Salazar-Caro sheds a little light on where there platform has been, and where it is going.
Over the cheesy gift roundups. Not in the mood to share a tear-jerking novella. No romantic poetry. Sure, I do indulge in these things from time to time – guilty as charged. But NOT today… Middle fingers up to Cupid and Hallmark. Here’s to ditching labels and eye-rolling at fake holidays. For my ladies who’d prefer a night in with […]
Offensive Gestures Around The World by Nei Valente
A 30-minute tutorial from Chris Do, founder of Blind in Santa Monica, where he explains his pricing structure for logos and other design services.
Voici en quelques photos le séjour que j’ai passé à Los Angeles avec Yves Saint Laurent beauty ! Une rencontre avec Staz Lindes le nouveau visage de la marque et autres réjouissances étaient au programme ( Notamment un nouveau tatouage […]YSL DTLA sur Le Blog de Betty.
Call Me Wild by Martin BaltserThe song I send you (Call Me Wild) was written one evening looking back on my time at the school bench in a small town. Back then I was one of those boys that had way too much energy and I could never really concentrate for more than a minute before I found myself jumping on my chair, drawing on the table, whispering to the others, or gazing out the window dreaming of running around in a muddy forest somewhere. The teacher would then tell me to sit still, stop drawing, shut up and stop looking out the window. So there I was, stuck and sweating over numbers and math that I honestly never used since then. So my song is the story of a boy with all the possibilities in the world, and a school that tries to tare down this raw and wild potential by teaching ‘there-is-only-one-right-answer-to-everything’ policy.Thank you for your time and your inspiring work!
Only were commissioned to create an identity for Printworks London, a six-acre, 6,000 capacity, licensed events venue for the arts and music.
Yet Another USA Travel Video by Ofer RozenmanA few months ago my wife and I honeymooned the West Coast of the US. Over the period of 35 days and 3500 miles I’ve shot 16.5K stills (=400GB), which I later edited to this 2:45 min stop-motion video. Hope you’ll enjoy it!   Stats: 7 US states, 27 motels, 5 rental cars, 1 car crash, 0 injuries, 7 flights, countless relocating thoughts.    Route: Vancouver - Seattle - Portland - Yosemite Park - San Francisco - Monterey - Los Angeles - Zion Park - Bryce Park - Las Vegas - Hoover Dam - Williams - Grand Canyon - Antelope Canyon - Flagstaff - Sedona - Albuquerque - Santa Fe Equipment: Sony RX1, no tripod. Music: “Road To Hell” by Sleigh Bells ( Showreel:
Japan//Time-lapse by Madison Beach
Three Ghosts Slept Here by Leonard Ermel ‘Three Ghosts Slept Here’ is a journey through an old spook house, animated with charcoal drawings and stop-motion. A black line meanders through the hallways, interacting with the house in funny and spooky ways.The location inspired me to make this film: ‘Les Anciens Thermes’ is a former hotel and spa in France, where a residency with artists from South-Korea, France and Germany took place. Starting in the room where I slept, the story was created spontaneously, interacting with existing wall drawings and objects. In the end it arrives at a source under the house that contains sparkling water (which led to the construction of the spa in the 17th century). This is, where the ghosts come from.
G Romano “I’m Just Fine” by Matteo Montagna
Every shirt matters by @studioflox  

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