Created by Mária Júdová and Andrej Boleslavský, 'DUST' explores new ways of interaction and experience of contemporary dance through the use of immersive virtual reality experience and online media.
FWA of the day 18 April 2017: Naive New Beaters - Words Hurt Project Link Interactive music video game. Be a loser or be a leader, choose their destiny! Full interactive experience here!!! #FOTD #thefwa
Great brand identity work by New York and Spain based design consultancy, Atlas.
Elise is an artist engaged with the shape and form of objects in space. Her sculptures are a giddying mix of surface, mass and volume, situated precariously on the verge of physical impossibility. Pushing materials to the edge of realism, she interrogates notions of materiality, duration and process. Her sculptural language borrows from the industrial and the vernacular. Simultaneously tangible and metaphysical, the compositions project across space, unfurling anthropomorphically upwards, or pushing outwards in repeated gestures of automated reproduction.  @elise.artist
FWA of the day 16 April 2017: B&O PLAY Spring/Summer 2017 Project Link A new beginning. Introducing Spring Summer 2017 collection. #FOTD #thefwa
Craeted by Vitaly Grossmann & Vincent Schwenk.
Defining and designing brands that make a difference
As a side project for the past couple of years, graphic designer Rokas Sutkaitis has been collecting previously unpublished trademarks designed in the USSR.
Entropic System is a drawing machine that inscribes ornate geometric patterns into a bed of ‘black beauty’ sand. Made by the Denver-based media artist Laleh Mehran the device has instability built-in to it, and creates a feedback loop where approaching it affects its output.
An educational hub where teachers and students can explore a polluted river to learn about the Hidden Dangers in the water and support the WATERisLIFE nonprofit
A candy store for book aficionados
NFB and ARTE in collaboration with IDFA DocLab are calling on interactive creators to develop a mobile and interactive project for the smart phone. Ten winners, €10,000 each!
Fashion Festival taking place in Reykjavik highlighting the conscious and sustainable future of the fashion industry
The third edition of IAM’s yearly gathering for internet people, themed around The Renaissance of Utopias, using utopias as a tool to imagine better futures and navigate the complexity and uncertainty of our times.
A new beginning Introducing Spring Summer 2017 collection
Michael Bierut recounts the designing of Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo, and the backlash against it, in I’m With Her.
Website for the Francebased graphic design studio 7h34
Unhanded was a symposium about ‘making under the influence of digitalism’ that took place in Ottawa last September. CAN was on hand to facilitate one of the discussions, and to mark the publication of the videos online we offer some highlights and thoughts on the proceedings.
Never underestimate the satisfaction that accompanies slipping on a jammin’ jumpsuit — ONE AND DONE (reference here, here and here…see what I mean?!) I was talking to a friend about fashion and trends recently, something I rarely discuss these days because, well, I don’t care that much. That being said , this conversation did encourage me to acknowledge […]
The Helsinki studio of Bond created the logo for Eero Aarnio Originals, the new company that manufactures Aarnio’s original designs.
International design competition A’ Design Awards provides creatives a unique opportunity to their artwork on a global stage. Not only do designers get recognition by their peers but  it also works as a powerful marketing campaign for the winners brand. Some … Continue reading → The post A’ Design Awards & Competition – Last Call For Entries appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
We’re Laying Tracks by Troubled Girl
With the motto “Ars Futura Cultura” i.e. Arts Cultivate the Future, Arts for the Culture of Future, A’ Design Award was created as a platform to highlight, advertise and advocate groundbreaking design and designers A’ Design Award. Their yearly award attracts aglobal audience of … Continue reading → The post A’ Design Awards & Competition – Call For Entries appeared first on Beautiful/Decay.
Stop Motion video made by Hugo and Cat for Sony
Yet Another USA Travel Video by Ofer RozenmanA few months ago my wife and I honeymooned the West Coast of the US. Over the period of 35 days and 3500 miles I’ve shot 16.5K stills (=400GB), which I later edited to this 2:45 min stop-motion video. Hope you’ll enjoy it!   Stats: 7 US states, 27 motels, 5 rental cars, 1 car crash, 0 injuries, 7 flights, countless relocating thoughts.    Route: Vancouver - Seattle - Portland - Yosemite Park - San Francisco - Monterey - Los Angeles - Zion Park - Bryce Park - Las Vegas - Hoover Dam - Williams - Grand Canyon - Antelope Canyon - Flagstaff - Sedona - Albuquerque - Santa Fe Equipment: Sony RX1, no tripod. Music: “Road To Hell” by Sleigh Bells ( Showreel:
Japan//Time-lapse by Madison Beach
Three Ghosts Slept Here by Leonard Ermel ‘Three Ghosts Slept Here’ is a journey through an old spook house, animated with charcoal drawings and stop-motion. A black line meanders through the hallways, interacting with the house in funny and spooky ways.The location inspired me to make this film: ‘Les Anciens Thermes’ is a former hotel and spa in France, where a residency with artists from South-Korea, France and Germany took place. Starting in the room where I slept, the story was created spontaneously, interacting with existing wall drawings and objects. In the end it arrives at a source under the house that contains sparkling water (which led to the construction of the spa in the 17th century). This is, where the ghosts come from.
LightHouse Films is a full-service creative production company. They produce high-end creative content of any genre, medium or scale for any platform.
Для тех, кто не знает, что такое пемза и что такое терки для ног, будет весьма полезна следующая информация. Пемза — природная терка Пемза представляет собой природный материал пористой структуры. Применять его стали давно, но и в наши дни он не стал менее популярным, подходящей замены ему пока не нашли. Пемзу применяют как косметическое очищающее […]
FWA of the day 17 April 2017: AutoDraw Project Link AutoDraw is a new type of drawing tool. It pairs machine learning to drawings from talented artists to let everyone draw fast. It’s web-based, which means you can use it on any device and there's nothing to download and nothing to pay for. #FOTD #thefwa
Casamance is a designer and manufacturer of woven yarn dyed finished and embroidered fabrics for upholstery and furnishing applications
One of the most recognized faces in biohacking, Josiah Zayner is the focus of the most recent edition of the New York Times’ Op-Docs series. “Gut Hack” chronicles his quest to alleviate his lifelong abdominal problems by killing the bacteria in his stomach and replacing it with microorganisms gleaned from an ‘ideal’ donor.
Game Art, Sound Art, ARTivism – enter your iOS or Android app into this year’s AppArtAward for a chance to win 10,000 EUR in three different categories.
Ukrainebased film production company offering a complete range of services in Ukraine
A creative agency for forward thinking brands Southampton UK
A great alternative for the London 2012 logo.
An interactive experience about bike lovers
For nearly 70 years Porsche has created conventiondefying sports cars Using our history we created a microsite to introduce the newest disruptor the new Panamera
P22 Studio showcase their eclectic set of technology and design projects against the backdrop of a blank canvas with surprising use of animation and page transitions to distinguish
Created by Filipe Vilas-Boas and Paul Coudamy, The Punishment is an installation in which a robot executes a preventive punishment for its possible future disobedience in reference of Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics.
The main goal of the firm is to put forward the outmost standards in excellence in design while maintaining superior norms in construction
Explore through 50 cameras the Bolivia of Ghost Recon WildlandsThe country has fallen into the hands of Santa Blanca Cartel who aims to create the biggest NarcoState in history
Created by Matteo Crivella, Markov Decisions is a generative audio system that combines random processes and sonic behaviours of matter. Data is created in Pure Data that drives the instrument through voice coil actuators putting the sheet of brass under stress and generating a tensional field in which the metal changes from one vibrating state to another, in relations to the input and its physical properties (mass, elasticity, morphology).
“The rebus is a mnemonic device, a kind of game designed to engage the reader and, incidentally, lots of fun.”
Affectionately nicknamed “the Fuji,” the Atari logo, designed by George Opperman, still persists as a lasting part of popular culture.
Title: Colors, Counting, and Tableware by Edward Ramsay-MorinStop motion animations I made for a DVD series to introduce children to foreign languages (Spanish and Chinese) through immersion. It was a pro bono job, but I had complete creative freedom and was able to retain ownership of the content.
While I think Valentine’s Day is a completely reasonable excuse to get drunk and naked, I also stand firm in my belief that considering it an actual holiday is a bit of a stretch. Maybe I’m just being bitter…really, to each their their own, I suppose. However, my personal opinion is that this day adds unnecessary pressure […]
Voici en quelques photos le séjour que j’ai passé à Los Angeles avec Yves Saint Laurent beauty ! Une rencontre avec Staz Lindes le nouveau visage de la marque et autres réjouissances étaient au programme ( Notamment un nouveau tatouage […]YSL DTLA sur Le Blog de Betty.
Call Me Wild by Martin BaltserThe song I send you (Call Me Wild) was written one evening looking back on my time at the school bench in a small town. Back then I was one of those boys that had way too much energy and I could never really concentrate for more than a minute before I found myself jumping on my chair, drawing on the table, whispering to the others, or gazing out the window dreaming of running around in a muddy forest somewhere. The teacher would then tell me to sit still, stop drawing, shut up and stop looking out the window. So there I was, stuck and sweating over numbers and math that I honestly never used since then. So my song is the story of a boy with all the possibilities in the world, and a school that tries to tare down this raw and wild potential by teaching ‘there-is-only-one-right-answer-to-everything’ policy.Thank you for your time and your inspiring work!
“The scar meant that I was stronger than what tried to hurt me.” -Anaïs Nin I frequently talk about troubles, struggles, triumphs, crashes and burns. I talk about how, after crumbling into little pieces, I’ve attempted to glue it all back together and move forward – stronger than I was before breaking. Not to be dark and dreary, […]
Timelapse of Incredible Ladakh by Debarup Mukherjee I was traveling in Ladakh on July 2016 for 12 days and have taken over 5000 photos to create this video. All photos were taken at the places like Leh, Nubra Valley which is 10,000 ft above the sea level, the World famous Pangong Tso (Lake) 14,270 ft above the sea level and under the temperature like 7°c – 8°c in the morning and -1°c to 0°c in the night. Here are the details: Total number of photos taken for this timelapse: 5000 Total time taken for all the process: 40+ days Gadget was used: Nikon D5300 with 18-55mm Lens and 55-200mm Lens Locations: Leh, Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso (Lake), Leh – Kargil Highway NH1
FRUITLYMPICS #2: Weightlifting by Andre Maat5
Time-Lapse: Summer 2016 in Montreal
For over half a century, the American artist James Turrell has worked directly with light and space to create artworks that engage viewers with the limits and wonder of human perception. Turrell, an avid pilot who has logged over twelve thousand hours flying, considers the sky as his studio, material and canvas. New Yorker critic Calvin Tompkins writes, “His work is not about light, or a record of light; it is light — the physical presence of light made manifest in sensory form.” “My work is more about your seeing than it is about my seeing, although it is a product of my seeing. I’m also interested in the sense of presence of space; that is space where you feel a presence, almost an entity — that physical feeling and power that space can give.” — James Turrell Roden Crater Roden Crater, located in the Painted Desert region of Northern Arizona, is an unprecedented large-scale artwork created within a volcanic cinder cone by light and space artist James Turrell. Representing the culmination of the artist’s lifelong research in the field of human visual and psychological perception, Roden Crater is a controlled environment for the experiencing and contemplation of light.  House of Light “When I first met Fram Kitagawa, he asked me to make a “meditation house” for the Echigo-Tsumari region. He gave me a book written by Junichiro Tanizaki “In Praise of Shadows.” The condition he gave me was that the house must be raised over 2.7m above the ground because of snow covering in winter. After reading “In Praise of Shadows”, I decided to create a house in the traditional architectural manner of this region. I wished to realize the “ world of shadows we are losing,” as Tanizaki wrote, as a space where one can experience living in light, by relating light inside to light outside.” — James Turrell Read a review of House of Light on Elizabeth Mueller blog, photograph by Yulia Skogoreva  GanzfeldTurrell creates a similar experience of “Ganzfeld”: a German word to describe the phenomenon of the total loss of depth perception as in the experience of a white-out. @rodencrater
Directed by Romain Chassaing "Words Hurt" is a fully interactive music video game developed by Jean-Caillou. Be a loser or be a leader, choose their destiny
Human After All, a collaboration between artists Jan Kriwol and Markos R. Kay, juxtaposes CGI recreations of the human circulatory system with images of urban landscapes For the series, Kriwol collaborated with London-based digital artist Markos Kay. “I described my vision to few CGI artists and all of them gave up,” he says. “When I described my idea to Markos he said ‘okay’ straight away. He then developed the technique for creating our guy and proposed his form and texture.”
Wine is not just a matter of spirits. It's about the heart, the land and the souls altogether. Here you are i Buongiorno: a wine with a whole family and Apulia itself in the inside.
Directed by Alexandre Courtès produced by DIVISION - the "Go Up" of Cassius is a journey through visual story arranged in a combo-screens (Hello, McMennamy)
We’ve redesigned our agency website to better serve our audience with a simplified design language and strong emphasis on how we approach digital design, branding, and content creation.
A non-commercial site dedicated to the 200ᵀᴴ anniversary of Ivan Aivazovsky, a world-famous Russian marine painter
Portfolio of Cédric Pereira a young Paris based interactive designer and currently student in fourth year at HETIC Developed by Serge Wsevolojsky
Victoire Douy UIUX designer based in Paris and student at Gobelins school of the image
A training program for European emerging musicians based on entrepreneurial strategy
At the Di­gi­tal Me­dia stu­dy pro­gram in University of/the Arts Bremen, com­pu­ter sci­ence meets de­sign, whi­le en­gi­nee­ring and na­tu­ral sci­en­ces in­ter­con­nect with the arts. We present you four recent "semester" projects exploring topics ranging from VR, popular media to digital nature.
Big Mamma restaurants are laidback trattoria serving the most authentic Italian food
PSAD Synthetic Desert III is a (semi) anechoic chamber that endeavors to emulate the silence and emptiness of the Northern Arizona desert. Initially conceived by the American artist Doug Wheeler in 1968, the project was finally realized at NYC’s Guggenheim last week as part of the Panza Collection Initiative.
The dadamachines automat toolkit enables you to tap, move and bang to make sound with the world around you. It is hackable & open-source and now looking for support on Kickstarter.
Machine Art in the Twentieth Century is a recent MIT Press-published book by Andreas Broeckmann exploring ‘machinic’ art-making. CAN weighs in with a review of this survey of moments, movements, and key figures spanning futurism to the present day.
Created by the SCI-Arc Faculty members Curime Batliner and Jake Newsum for the for the third annual Mextropoli Festival, Spheres of Influence is a temporary installation installed in the patio of Laboratorio Arte Alameda. Part installation and part live performance,  it uses a robotic system from Staubli to paint layers of graphics (abstracted from the city) onto a series of human-scale spheres.
As a nod to the achievement of a hugely successful 60 years in business, here’s a brief look at the sketches behind some of the firm’s logos.
Logobook aims “to improve global design standards in logo and identity design, and encourage businesses and designers to create original logo designs.”
Over the cheesy gift roundups. Not in the mood to share a tear-jerking novella. No romantic poetry. Sure, I do indulge in these things from time to time – guilty as charged. But NOT today… Middle fingers up to Cupid and Hallmark. Here’s to ditching labels and eye-rolling at fake holidays. For my ladies who’d prefer a night in with […]
Offensive Gestures Around The World by Nei Valente
A 30-minute tutorial from Chris Do, founder of Blind in Santa Monica, where he explains his pricing structure for logos and other design services.
Attack of The Blob, by: darth owen
Hot police pursuit in a miniature world by Jelly Eyes
Rosemary by Lesser Kestrels Author: me, John E. Hickey III Additional Info: I made this video for my band Lesser Kestrels. It’s all hand drawn/painted stop motion animation. It’s my first serious attempt at stop motion animation.
BLASTERER by velcrowolf
Synergy by Treat Studios
G Romano “I’m Just Fine” by Matteo Montagna

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