Gusto IDS -aka Studiogusto- a Culture–First Creative Agency that develops beautiful digital products, brands and experiences.
Digital Smile Academy is a new concept in dentistry where continuing professional education meets highest treatment standards.
Dreams are an amazing language to learn that sadly doesn’t exist on duolingo. We designed this piece of Digital Poetry to sensibilise people about the beauty in their deepest nightmare
Pentagram is the world’s largest independently-owned design studio.
Explore 8 interactive WebGL visuals for each track on Emmit Fenn's debut EP
I suspect you’ve noticed that making art can be lonely by Daniel Osborne, 2017
This summer, visitors to Sao Paulo’s Itau Cultural Gallery find themselves face-to-face with a host of artificial life forms. Amongst them is a new version of artist Ruairi Glynn’s interactive installation 'Fearful Symmetry', which was first shown at the Tate Modern, London, in 2012.
The VR Arles festival was created to discover virtual reality through movies, documentaries and artistic creations, and bring the spectator into the best productions in the world.
We're pleased to collaborate with Sedition Art Platform to present an Open Call for video artworks to be presented in an exhibition in London. Digital Decade 5: Cyberia is an exhibition of VR, video art, projection mapping and interactive installation taking place at London's Ugly Duck from 25-27 August 2017. Sedition is presenting one of three open calls currently on Digital Decade for print and VR artworks. Submit your video artworks here for the chance to have your works presented on the Sedition Frame in the show. Artists are asked to respond to the geopolitical, environmental, social changes taking place today in the digital age. To submit:Login or create an account at a new artwork (you can also submit an existing work) Enter your name, link to your Sedition profile, title, brief description and link to your artwork on Sedition in the form below.Deadline for submissions: 31 July 2017, 11:59 GMTWinners will be announced one week following the deadline.Sedition ArtSedition Art is the world’s leading online platform for artists to display and sell their art in digital format for connected screens and devices. Sedition offers everyone an easy, enjoyable and social way to experience art-collecting at affordable prices. The company was founded by Harry Blain, the owner of Blain|Southern. The mission of Sedition is to change the art world by introducing a marketplace for collecting and trading art in the digital Submit on
Bowser’s Castle by Jerk in the Can
"How do we live a full life?" Discover the story of Edward Stevenson's fight against chronic pain. This experience introduces his book about the keys to better living.
Created by California-based artist Sterling Crispin, Cyber Paint is a freshly-released VR painting app for Google’s Daydream platform. Not so much a painting simulator, its creator describes it as a “laboratory for algorithmic mark-making.”
To promote the upcoming Warner Brothers' film, Dunkirk, we created a cooperative multi-player 360/WebVR experience allowing fans to escape the enemy and reenact the battle of Dunkirk.
TAIYO KIKAKU’s 49th Anniversary Short by Hiroki Ayako
Some of the best ideas can stand or fall on how they are communicated to the client. Design is not just about the end result, understand the journey.
Developed at Strelka during the 'The New Normal Program' in 2017, 'SHIFT' (Arthur Röing Baer, Christian Lavista, Dmitry Alferov, Liza Dorrer) is a project that engages with stages of automation of the trucking industry in Russia, working with the socio-political, physical, and spatial particulars of logistics in the country’s vast territory.
♀ is a short music video directed by Niels Prayer about women seen through the angle of the media and a dominated man culture
Neural Network experiment by Eddie Lee uses evolutionary NN to simulate AI path finding of Froggy-style game mechanic. Every generation, it chooses the "fittest" critters and asexually reproduces them.
A follow-up to the influential 2012 booklet series “Critical Making,” “Disobedient Electronics: Protest” is a new zine by Vancouver-based theorist and educator Garnet Hertz that uses dissent as a lens to survey electronics-based projects and practices.
The red, white, yellow, and black LEGO logo is synonymous with one of the world’s largest toy manufacturers, but it didn’t always look so familiar.
Pond Design created these adorable packages for Jameson Irish Whiskey.Read More Packaging & Articles at
Succulents have definitely become a huge trend within the last few years, making it only fitting for us to feature this conceptual project from Annie Boush. Succulence is an adorable succulent planting kit that would definitely benefit those of us who lack a green thumb.Read More Packaging & Articles at
Created by Leslie Nooteboom, komorebi is a platform that uses a robotic projector and generative projections to replicate the natural reflections and shadows of sunlight. komorebi can create sunlight filtering through leaves or a dance of light and shadow.
Nudge Studio designed the packaging for The Farmer’s Wife Wine. The design features an elaborate illustration that highlights the process that goes into winemaking.Read More Packaging & Articles at
Barcelona-based agency MOS designed the packaging for Pepus, a line of packaged fish goodsRead More Packaging & Articles at
Creative company in motion
Garden Eight is a creative digital production team based in Japan. We are located in the east side of Tokyo.
Victoria Spicer is a London based Set Designer
We a happy to announce that leading interactive artist MARPI is joining our own exhibition Digital Decade in London to showcase his latest installation "Mass Migration Builder". If you happen to be in London during 25 - 27 August don't hesitate to pop in to Ugly Duck venue and experience the "Cyberia"   Interactive installation based on Mass Migrations using HTC VIve controllers and no headset. Multiplayer digital mecha graffiti - originally presented at Next Art Night in Los Angeles. Digital Decade 5
Totally epic and gorgeous illustrations by artist Conrado Salinas
Richland Real Estate was established in 2002 as one of the first 10 established Real Estate Brokers in Dubai.
The future is back - new website out including WebVR, Chatbot and WebGL - you name it. UFOMAMMOOT - more shiny than ever!
Anakin is a bavarian design studio specializing in design craftsmanshipand creative use of digitaltechnology.
Hyperlapse around Europe by Timelapse MediaTravelling around the world? Use this camping checklist or summer trip checklist when packing you suitcase!
Brandbeats, is an agency podcast by BASIC. The new website provides more information around each episode, including a full summary, list of guest speakers, and interactive show notes.
"Like the loop-de-loop scribbles of a child, artist Jung Lee (previously) constructed a series of neon light sculptures that were installed and photographed against cinematic landscapes as part of her series titled “No More“. " Jung Lee was born in 1972 and currently lives and works in Seoul, Korea.  She received her M.A. in Photography from the Royal College of Art, UK and her B.A. with honors in Photography from Kent Institute of Art & Design, UK.  She received a B.A. with honors in Mass Communication & Journalism from Kyung Hee University in Seoul, Korea. She most recently participated in 2012 Daegu Photo Biennale, the Incheon Women Artists Biennale, the 2010 Gwangju Biennale “10,000 Lives” under the direction of Massimiliano Gioni, the contemporary Korean photography exhibition “Chaotic Harmony” at the Museum of Fine Arts (Houston).  She has also shown at the Seoul Museum of Art and Gwangju Museum of Art.  She will participate in the upcoming Esslingen Foto and Media Triennale. via ONE AND J. GALLERY
Lego in real life by BrickBrosProductions3 days of filming & 1,500 pictures taken.
Created by Ted Davis, XYscope is a library for Processing to render graphics on a vector display (oscilloscope, laser) by converting them to audio.
5000petitsmouvements by Madison O’MARA Elle danse, seule, dans la nuit sans se soucier des autres qui passent comme des ombres furtives.
Camping à la Bergman by Worker Studio Animation It all started with a screening of Ingmar Bergman’s The Magician (Ansiktet) at the Landmark Chez Artiste in Denver. A group of friends, artists, writers and filmmakers all gathered, forming their cinema gang - The Bio Fladdermöss (Swedish for Cinema Bats). Months later, some of this group from Worker Studio Animation, fantasized ways in which to re-imagine a finished piece of Stop Motion work that still needed an outlet. The original work showed this camping scene in a much different light, and they began discussing how the mise-en-scène and dialogue would transform within the hands of influential film directors. The undeniable and cinematically rich notion of Ingmar Bergman was quickly agreed upon. Worker Studio asked fellow Bio Fladdermus, and up and coming Colorado filmmaker, Sean JS Jourdan to craft a dialogue based on the existing animation and in the vein of a Bergman film. This kind of homage was only appropriate in Bergman’s native tongue, and fortunately Worker Studio Art Director, Feni Hagman, hails from Sweden. Along with her compatriot, Joel Stenow, they translated Jourdan’s script, and Joel performed the Voice. Worker Studio founder, Michael “Ffish” Hemschoot, dug into the original animation’s edit, reimagining the visuals by channeling the spirit of Bergman. Hemschoot reflected: “With the original animation, the backgrounds and character designs were already rooted in this gritty naturalism - in the setting established by Barry Kooser’s painting, the choice of an “action-figure” aesthetic versus cartoon, and especially the tactile reality of creating stop-motion. Much like the characters of Bergman’s universe, who were rooted and soiled by reality, but in his hands lost in the mystery of existential wonder. With this experiment, we tried to do more than parody, and instead reflect the inspiration of how we would see Bergman take the raw materials of setting and characters - then transcend it through cinema. What we found on the other side of this reimagining process was the true essence we “unintended” it to be in the first place. That, and a whole new creative mission for our studio.” Time is meaningless…
Matthew Stone is an artist and shaman. These two interconnected roles are defined by his activities as painter, photographer, sculptor, performance artist, writer, Optimist and cultural provocateur. A post shared by Matthew Stone (@artshaman) on Jun 29, 2016 at 2:39am PDT   “Optimistic thought without action will not fix broken systems. In fact pitching optimism as the primary means of self-actualisation for those facing genuine adversity can be a patronising tool of oppression. By-your-bootstraps philosophies tacitly reassert the toxic idea that inequality arises from the attitudes of those who are oppressed rather than the systemic violence enacted upon them.” — Matthew Stone Stone’s most recent body of work demonstrates an innate enthusiasm for the development of painting within the framework of art history. The new works, use 3d modelling software and paint to break with the history of painting on a flat surface, lifting the strokes into a virtual and free space. The addition of shadows and foreshortening creates an illusionistic - trompe l’oeil sense of depth and perspective within the canvases. He organises and examines complex statements in regard to the relationship between painting, photography & computer generated imagery disrupting the holy status of painting as the ‘cosmic flesh’ of art history whilst simultaneously pushing the visceral experience of paint forward. The series offers a new technical approach to traditional painting, showing diverse bodies at play and in conflict.   A post shared by Matthew Stone (@artshaman) on Jul 9, 2016 at 1:12pm PDT   A post shared by Matthew Stone (@artshaman) on Oct 4, 2016 at 7:30am PDT @artshaman
"Light touches, dreamy gazes and longing sighs... That's what you'll find in these intimate illustrations by Zipcy.Zipcy, whose real name is Yang Se Eun, is a 29-year-old artist from Seoul, South Korea, who is not afraid to add some sensual and lightly erotic elements to her creations.The "Touch" series portray moments of closeness in a couple's life. The artist manages to capture the intense feelings of the first stages of love. They cannot stand being apart and enjoy every little moment together." via Bored Panda @zipcy
Mikhail Batrak is a Ukrainian artist whose work examines the relationship between perception, Surrealism and empiricism. His creative process involves taking photographs with a digital camera and manipulating the results using computer software, combining disparate elements to create unexpected hybrid images. Drawing on techniques such as photomontage, digital drawing and collage, he updates the tropes of Surrealism for the digital age, utilising the visual language and style of the movement to pursue his own vision.
What’s inside my Hair Dryer by dina Amin The series shows what’s inside the things we throw away to remind us that we are not just throwing away a thing, but many other things.
Created by Manuel Jiménez Garcia and Gilles Retsin, 'Voxel Chair' is a first prototype designed using a new design software specifically developed for robotic 3D-Printing which rather than using pre-defined forms and then “slicing” these it into toolpaths or triangular patterns, allows to design and control thousands of line-fragments.
Created by Marion Pinaffo & Raphaël Pluviange, 'Papier Machine' is a booklet gathering a family of 13 paper-made electronic toys ready to be cut, coloured, folded, assembled or torn.
I wear my denim like I live my life. Flawed with a few tears, here and there. Worn in with stories to accompany the imperfections. “High wasted” was the go-to for most of my 20’s. Sometimes I still shamefully opt for “intentionally distressed”. I’m coming to accept that outgrowing certain styles isn’t necessarily a bad […]
Jeffrey Cheng is the founder and designer behind the luxurious packaging for INVENTERY, a new product line that features high-end goods and stationery products.Read More Packaging & Articles at
mousegraphics designed the packaging for Wild Horta, a unique line of healthy greens. The packaging is straightforward but also designed in a clear way so as to attract the consumer.Read More Packaging & Articles at
Developing limited editions that spend time with your consumers is fun for most creatives. Clients are often a lot more relaxed with what can and cannot be done and for the brands they manage it is a constant opportunity to explore new ways to create experiences. In trying to create real engagement with an audience or creating some excitement and entertainment for consumers—brands are...Click to read full post...
This modern approach to tea packaging has stolen our hearts. Interabang designed the packaging for GREK, a new tea company that is located in Greece.Read More Packaging & Articles at
Stansfield Design Studio designed the packaging for Tohorā Ma, a New Zealand based winery. The packaging is simple but classy, allowing the typography to be the center of attention. ...Click to read full post...
Lorde indulges in the luxuries of island life in the second visual off her album 'Melodrama'. Directed by Grant Singer.
Tbilisi Gardens is one of the first skyscrapers in Tbilisi. The website plays along with the enormous scale of the structure and builds the entire user experience around the building.
 French visual artists duo Goulou & Jaybara have released their new music video "Alone"  for the rising indie pop rock band Reckless Jacks, following an introspective and fantastic journey of the singer Matt, submerged by a uncertain relationship.
The CAN/HOLO team is headed to Montréal for the 18th edition of MUTEK. A celebration of the best and brightest in audiovisual performance, we’ll be hosting ‘HOLO Encounters’ with several of the festival’s featured artists.
Designed around big and beautiful videos, Task Chairs by Vitra turns product pages into product stories, personally told by the world’s most renowned chair designers.
Maori’s Afternoon by aaron hughesA stop motion shark invades Brooklyn in this short called Maori’s Afternoon about a girl named Maori going about her day.
Waddesdon Manor is home to Waddesdon Wine, the official distributor for the Rothschild collection of wines.
BONET is a tribute made by "The 21 Night" studio (Santiago Restrepo Arias) to the Catalan architect Antonio Bonet. Author of a vast work, which tweaks with his genius the geography of Spain and Latin America, which remains a great unknown. Six fragments that project the kaleidoscope of Catalan rationalism, gather and modernise the legacy of architect. It is also a recovery of the dialogue between architecture and light. Between stone and soul. A colourful tribute to the splendour of his work @the21night
It Was The End for The Humans by Vinicius Sanchez “VICO” A Flea narrates the final days of Human civilization and the causes that led to the Anthropocene era of Extinction.
VanRiss – Ready Eyed by Martyna Koleniec.
How do you get higher-paying design clients? How do you know how to price a job? What should a portfolio contain? These questions, and more, answered on the Logo Geek podcast.
The Cryptic Epistle by PEC StudiosWinner of Best Cinematography at Brickfilmer’s Guild Film Festival 2016.
Buenos Aires based art director and food stylist Anna Keville Joyce and fashion photographer Travis Rathbone exploring a fresh blend of food and fashion in their latest collaboration "Bagged" @annakevillejoyce
Election Monster by Apartment D  Apartment D Films is a new stop motion animation studio specializing in social media/web content for businesses. After the results of the 2016 election, the founders of the studio found it hard to focus on making marketing content, so they chose to cope the only way they know how: by making a film. Election Monster is an exploration of the filmmakers post-election thoughts, told through the medium of a giant monster fight. On making the film, co-founder Max Lopez said, “Some people drink to cope, others go to the movies or read a book. We animate. All we know how to do is throw ourselves into a frenzy over a project and lose all track of the world around us.” To create this project, Apartment D pulled influence from both the style and methods of South Park, an animated series on Comedy Central. They aimed for the look of a paper cut-out video but rather than shooting with paper, they built one-foot-tall, free-standing cardboard puppets with wire armatures. Because the artists wanted to move quickly to complete the film while their feelings were still fresh, the artists employed the phrase “south park it” to justify a willingness to accept imperfection and not get bogged down in ideation and over-analyzing. In only 5 days, Apartment D was able to produce this project from concept to completion thanks to their willingness to embrace the imperfection of the medium and a need to distract themselves from this awful, terrible election.
Created by Thomas Grogan, Floral Automaton is a sculptural device that grows flowers digitally. Using various sensors taken from Smart Cities technologies, it reacts and adapts itself to its environment in real time.
Mannequin Band by Daniel Hassell
Ode to Bluesky by BlueSky TV
Race Track by Doug Dahl
Timezoned by Aaron Barry & Jane Selle Morgan DescriptionMonday mornings are already hard and losing an hour of sleep doesn’t make it any easier. A late employee struggles to adjust for the workday.  Luckily his co-worker has a solution. “Timezoned’ is the second episode in a stop-motion series produced by production company Skycar Creative. The first episode titled Heatwave. ProcessThis is a stop-motion show that involved humans and props. We did consider “cheating” by using a 4K camera and then reducing frame-rate in post. But, after doing some initial tests on the first in the series, it just looked like low framerate choppy video; too smooth and predictable. At that time we decided to bite the bullet and shoot on the 5D with all stills and then sequence them in editorial. We used a combo of DragonFrame for capture and Premiere, AE, and Photoshop for post. The ConceptThis is the second in a series where we are experimenting with stop motion techniques and creating mini stories of solving universal human problems (too hot, late for work). After the first production. We have another (3rd) in the series in development. The goal is to push the creative and learn something for each new show. Effects & PropsAaron (creative director) had this hair contraption pretty clearly in his mind for quite some time, but it wasn’t until he actually built it that any of the rest of us understood what he was seeing. The articulated arms that manage the hair with a comb, brush and gel are arms that scientists use to hold beakers in a chemistry lab. The bowl was a hanging lamp painted the vintage blue to harken to a 50’s hair dryer; and all of the bowls that created the effect of transitioning to the ‘dryer’ were painted to match. VFXWhile all elements were shot on camera in the location you see them (no green screens or digital asset generation), we did rely on some compositing to get our final look. Because we shot all props and people in the actual space, we relied on background plates to erase support rigs and people who were helping make the animations happen. The primary technique: roto, roto, roto. Sound DesignOur team member Jasper Sharp (who also stars in it) put in quite a bit of work creating the foley and audio FX for the soundscape. One of the challenges was to create an atmosphere that accurately reflected the subtleties of the character’s movements as well as their surroundings. Much of the foley was made using household items and with our voices. We kept the radio voice as a motif (carried over from the first) to help us setup the problem. Studio: Skycar CreativeDirectors: Aaron Barry & Jane Selle MorganCreative Director & Concept: Aaron BarryProducer/VFX: Manuel RetaDirector of Photography: Jason JosefferArt Director: Amanda BeaneOn Set Dresser: Matthew OglesbyProduction Coordinator/Grip (Talent): Kyle Hanson McKeeSound Design (Talent): Jasper SharpMusic: Premium BeatsSound Mix: Jeremiah Moore
Created by Philipp Schmitt (with Margot Fabre), 'Computed Curation' is a photobook created by a computer. Taking the human editor out of the loop, it uses machine learning and computer vision tools to curate a series of photos from an archive of pictures.
For the bold ones, the mavericks, and those who march to the beat of their own drum.  We weren’t built for subtlety, and we’ll leave this world a little different than it was when we got here — our stiletto footprint set in stone. We gracefully walk the tightrope of life like acrobats, and even […]
“We design all of our spaces for optimism and for productivity,” mentioned Jenny Campbell, Managing Director of 72andSunny, Los Angeles. The agency’s name is, of course, indicative of LA’s perpetually cheery weather, but that’s not exactly the case of the climates where they have other studios, including New York, Amsterdam, Sydney, and, quite soon, Singapore. Instead, it is...Click to read full post...
Hired Guns Creative has kept up with their tradition of designing amazing labels for Driftwood Brewery. This brew, the Arcus Pilsner, is inspired by a sun goddess and archery.Read More Packaging & Articles at
There’s nothing quite like a refreshing cocktail on a warm summer day. Design Womb created the crisp and classy packaging for Vrai, a revolutionary new on-the-go vodka that comes in a convenient can.Read More Packaging & Articles at
Talk about a perfect summer drink! This delightful design from B&B studio will instantly take you somewhere tropical, and the unbranded look only gives it a stronger shelf impact. We chatted with Shaun Bowen, Joint Founder and Creative Partner, B&B studio, to find out more about how this beverage from Firefly came to be, creating an unbranded packaging design, disrupting the drinks...Click to read full post...
Edith Morin designed the packaging for Balsem, a line of bathroom products. The design is simple yet elegant.Read More Packaging & Articles at
Yoonji Do designed this clever conceptual skin care line for Sephora which includes an interactive element that helps consumers tackle their skin issues.Read More Packaging & Articles at

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