moontopia, eleven magazine's first international ideas competition, yields nine proposals to suggest how humans may one day inhabit the moon. The post moontopia competition yields nine international submissions for space habitation appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. ]]>
divided into 5 distinct elevations, the 'pitstop' housing concept suggests a class of dwelling defined by choice. The post ‘the pitstop’ modular housing concept suggests stackable units where customization is king appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. ]]>
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Située au Danemark, la Kalø Tower est un édifice historique danois vieux de 700 ans. Alors qu’elle était inaccessible au public, le studio d’architectes MAP a imaginé un escalier en spirale le transformant en un superbe point d’observation mêlant archéologie et design contemporain.
Le matin : Je me lave les cheveux avec le shampoing et après-shampoing Björk & Berries Never Spring et je laisse mes cheveux sécher à l’air libre. Je n’utilise jamais de séchoir, de lisseur ou autre. Je me contente de bien les brosser avec ma Mason Pearson. Le matin, j’aime bien que ce soit rapide, [...]
En 2005, la sonde Huygens, de l’European Space Agency, avait touché le sol de Titan, le plus grand satellite de Saturn. Elle avait alors découvert un environnement surprenant, composé de lacs, phénomènes pluviaux, vents, montagnes et courants d’air. Avant cette expédition, l’aspect de la lune de Saturne était un véritable mystère à cause de son […]
transparency, connectivity and craftsmanship are central characteristics of the building’s design to offer the students a new social hub for activities. The post grimshaw completes dynamic extension to duke university in north carolina appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. ]]>
FWA of the day 22 January 2017: Heartbeats Project Link Heartbeats is an interactive experience that moves to the rhythm of your heart. It works on a mobile, on a mobile connected to a computer or only on a computer. Just put your finger on the camera of your device be carried along by your heart. #FOTD #thefwa
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organized in partnership with the architekturmuseum der TU münchen, the design and materiality of the presentation is directly influenced by kéré's architecture. The post radically simple: munich exhibition documents the life and work of francis kéré appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. ]]>
To celebrate the U.S. Basketball team going for the Gold in Rio 2016, Hybrid Design partnered with Nike Brand Design and Golden Wolf to create one-of-kind boutique retail experience, re-launching an equally unique shoe: The Nike Air Foamposite One. This larger-than-life, digital sneaker box projected 4 sides of Air Foamposite One-inspired animation, visible from as far as the Bay Bridge in San Francisco
Discover the new fragrance from Comme des Garçons Parfums and experience the 4 ingredients to shape the BlackPepper.
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Rosemary by Lesser Kestrels Author: me, John E. Hickey III Additional Info: I made this video for my band Lesser Kestrels. It’s all hand drawn/painted stop motion animation. It’s my first serious attempt at stop motion animation.
L’artiste espagnol Juan Francisco Casas maîtrise la mine du stylo bille à la perfection. Il réalise des dessins suggestifs très réalistes au stylo bleu. Il immortalise les courbes de corps de femmes. Il est à l’affiche d’une exposition intitulée (HE)ARTBROKEN à la Jonathan Levine Gallery à New York.
Yet Another USA Travel Video by Ofer RozenmanA few months ago my wife and I honeymooned the West Coast of the US. Over the period of 35 days and 3500 miles I’ve shot 16.5K stills (=400GB), which I later edited to this 2:45 min stop-motion video. Hope you’ll enjoy it!   Stats: 7 US states, 27 motels, 5 rental cars, 1 car crash, 0 injuries, 7 flights, countless relocating thoughts.    Route: Vancouver - Seattle - Portland - Yosemite Park - San Francisco - Monterey - Los Angeles - Zion Park - Bryce Park - Las Vegas - Hoover Dam - Williams - Grand Canyon - Antelope Canyon - Flagstaff - Sedona - Albuquerque - Santa Fe Equipment: Sony RX1, no tripod. Music: “Road To Hell” by Sleigh Bells ( Showreel:
Creatives, are you curious to find out what 2017 has in store for you? Adobe, with the help of stock contributor Natalia Hubbert, has created a creative horoscope that offers a peek at your creative potential and success for the New Year. Find out if your zodiac sign will be the “Optimi...
"Color Dialogues" is an ongoing series of abstract digital graphics created by Buck art director Jean-Michel Verbeeck. By experimenting witch shapes and colour, his images reject the traditional boundaries and explore new ways of experiencing visual imagery. @jmverbeeck
[Click here to view the video in this article] The School of Life has created a video that talks about the art of flirting, and why “good flirting” matters in a relationship. “Flirting has a bad name. Too often, it seems a supreme form of duplicity, a sly attempt to excite another pe...
With his inauguration as president just a day away, Donald Trump decided to tease his Twitter followers with a behind-the-scenes picture of him writing his speech. However, instead of getting them excited about the ceremony, the staged photo provided the internet with yet another chance to po...
“Five years ago, before Google had gone beyond cities with its street views, we were approached by the food brand Nature Valley. They’ve always been keen on supporting, preserving and bringing people to the US national parks. In our process, we turned the concept around; making it instead a quest to bring the parks to the people. In doing so we went on a journey of over 500 miles of trails to capture the essence of what Nature has to offer – with 360-degree street-view-style footage, terabyte panoramic point-of-view photography, and 360 audio and time lapses to document it all. We had the best time of our lives.”
Business Backer, which previously taught us how to say ‘no’ at work, is back with a new infographic. Title ‘How To Give A Killer Presentation’, it features useful tips on how to plan, prepare, and deliver an impactful presentation. Check it out below: Click to view enlarged vers...
Poland-based graphic designer and illustrator Grzegorz Domaradzki aka Gabz continues to create some seriously impressive movie poster designs. Click here for previous post. More images below!
Designer: Jeongdae KimProject Type: Student ProjectSchool: Diplom, University of the Arts BremenLocation: Düsseldorf, GermanySome people wake up in the morning and take multiple pills for the day. For these people taking pills everyday is one of many tedious things, that should just not be forgotten. According to the life extension the human becomes aging and there are lots of people concerning about their health and the number of people who take medicine regularly for example, because of a certain disease, is also growing. Sometimes they have an unstable mental state, or just expect vague effects from the medicine, so from diverse reasons daily taking medicine is not a easy thing for them. Fortune pill will give those people a small pleasure to foretell the fortune for a day from a message in it. Through a small change by taking pills, I hoped to make them happy and they find it even as a interesting moment of the daily routine. I experienced that feeling when opening fortune cookie and wondered which message is written on the paper. though the same motion we have totally different feelings when opening pills or fortune cookies. So i try to combine this feeling and the package design of medicine. This package design is not only just for the outside but it could assist contents for emotion or interest of users. In order to take out contents from inside we are required to open the package of pills like a fortune cookies. Now this concept, fortune pill, helps people feel better and have an emotional care. Read moreVisit Packaging of the World for more packaging design inspiration.
Designer: Mina BakližaProject Type: Student ProjectSchool: The Faculty of Philology and Arts, KragujevacCourse: Packaging designTutor: Nemanja DragojlovićLocation: Kragujevac, SerbiaPackaging Contents: SoapsPackaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, cardboardPrinting Process: Digital printingThe first part of the task was to create a series of packaging, beginning with the economy version, through the more expensive one, to the premium version. The name “24h “ was chosen because it implRead moreVisit Packaging of the World for more packaging design inspiration.
Creative Agency: Mulligan Design PartnersDesigners: Hudson Abreu, Fernando Moraes, Marcia Nakamura Project Type: Produced, Commercial WorkClient: Frutiquello SorvetesLocation: São Paulo, BrazilPackaging Contents: Ice LolliesFrutiquello Sorvetes is an ice cream brand, known by the quality and variety of its products, with over 200 different types and flavors of ice cream. Their products are being sold in over 15.000 places all over São Paulo. Mulligan Design Partners was hired to completely revamp one of Frutiquello's most important lines: Frukis, with 6 flavors of refreshing fruit-based ice-lollies.It was a tasty mission. We managed to deliver a bold design, totally focused on appetite-appeal and its refreshing taste. The layouts explored the fruits to the maximum, while reinforcing the flavor and quality of the ingredients with a touch of nature in a sunny background. It all resulted in a notable growth on the product's quality perception, leaving Frukis at the top with the main players on the market.Read moreVisit Packaging of the World for more packaging design inspiration.
Designer: Toomas PintsonProject Type: Produced, Commercial WorkClient: Gemini DecksLocation: Tallinn, EstoniaPackaging Contents: Playing cardsPackaging Substrate / Materials: paperPrinting Process: Offset printingBig Boy No.1 is a fully custom deck of cards created from ground up. Designed by Estonian designer Toomas Pintson, the deck is as fun and unique as it is visually pleasing. Big Boy was designed for a small playing card company called Gemini Decks that produces and distributes high quality custom playing cards around the world mainly for magicians, cardists and card collectors.The deck spots a Violet, Black/Yellow/Cyan colorway. The court cards feature 13 fun and unique Big Boy characters composed of only primitive shapes. Although it's a fully custom deck, it was also designed with cardists in mind. The back design features unique twin-tip design making this deck perfect for fans and spreads.Big Boy is printed by The United States Playing Card Company on highest quality Bee casino grade stock with Linen finish. In addition all decks were Traditionally Cut for optimal handling. Limited edition of 1300 were printed.Made in the U.S.A.Read moreVisit Packaging of the World for more packaging design inspiration.
I'm Nicholas, an Italian guy living in Italy, where I work as a frontend developer.
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FWA of the day 23 January 2017: v r saving the world - Mobile VR Teaser Project Link The mobile VR version of our 'Authentic Virtual Reality' demo is now live. It's not a linear 360° video - it is video-based, interactive VR. Right in your smartphone's browser. #FOTD #thefwa
While minimalist tattoos have been very popular in recent years, it is certainly not for everyone. If you like your tattoos colourful, the work of Hong Kong-based tattoo artist Mini Lau may be just your cup of tea. Soft pastel hues are not commonly used in tattoos, but these feminine shad...
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Le photographe Mathew Guido a réalisé une jolie série de portraits intitulée Eye Candy. Il a immortalisé des femmes vêtues de lunettes de soleil, sous la lumière colorée de néons, qui se reflètent dans les verres. Une série très pop et brillante où les corps et les visages se dessinent entre ombres et lumières.
На сегодняшний день трикотажные изделия считаются наиболее качественным и в тоже время дешевым материалом. Если верить статистике, то примерно половину гардероба современного человека занимает одежда из данного материала. Однако купить оптом качественную продукцию намного сложнее, чем кажется на первый взгляд. Материал, что изготавливается, отвечает всем мировым стандартам качества, в результате чего отлично носиться и не […]
“Spiral #9” (1996) Massachusetts-based photographer Daniel Ranalli has spent more than 20 years on his “Snail Drawings,” a series which consists of one image of neatly configured snails and a second image of the unique patterns made when the snails were left to their own devices.While a simple enough concept, Ranalli sees the project as a reflection of the inherent randomness of life and our inability to control the results or elements of a situation no matter how hard we might try! See more of Ranalli’s work below or on display at Classic Photographs Los Angeles January 21-22.
“The scar meant that I was stronger than what tried to hurt me.” -Anaïs Nin I frequently talk about troubles, struggles, triumphs, crashes and burns. I talk about how, after crumbling into little pieces, I’ve attempted to glue it all back together and move forward – stronger than I was before breaking. Not to be dark and dreary, […]
A smooth and refreshing horizontal scrolling website for Obrigado Coconut Water. It's a colorful experience that is packed with exciting details and animations for you to discover.
'interwoven' involves the careful channeling of root systems to create braids, spirals and delicate motifs. The post diana scherer manipulates plant roots to grow into intricate, lace-like arrangements appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. ]]>
Un aperçu de l’événement sportif le plus photogénique au monde, le Dakar. À travers l’Argentine, le Paraguay et la Bolivie, une immersion extrême dans une nature sauvage et rude. Une série unique mettant en relief le geste sportif et l’énergie de la course. Photograph: Nicolas Aguilera/EPA Photograph: Red Bull Content Pool/SIPA/Rex/Shutterstock Photograph: Franck Fife/AFP/Getty Images […]
Les designers automobiles Artem Smirnov et Vladimir Panchenko ont imaginé ce véhicule à l’esthétique épurée, inspiré de la culture japonaise, et en particulier, des légendaires guerriers Samouraïs. Ses lignes simples et graphiques rappellent également les traditionnels pliages en origami.
Creative duo Ryan Doyle and Mark Edwards (aka DR.ME) have come out with a new book celebrating contemporary collage in the field of graphic design! Published by Thomas and Hudson, Cut That Out offers a curated collection of collage work from leading designers and studios from 15 different countries. See more images below or get yourself a copy in stores/online.We also have a copy to give away to one of you guys! We wanna know what your current favourite art book is? Let us know by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post. We’ll pick a winner two weeks from today (open to all readers based in North America and Europe).
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Trouver un sac qui soit assez gros pour porter toutes ses affaires… sans peser une tonne. Et si ça ajoute une touche de couleur à mes tenues, c’est encore mieux ! Sac en daim, Simon Miller ; Veste en denim oversize, Topshop ; Denim blanc, Rachel Comey ; Chemise kaki, Equipment ; Chaussures à plateforme, [...]
While some people view their tattoos as artworks to be shared with the world, others get tattoos as symbols for something personal and meaningful that only they need to know about. If you prefer to be more discreet with your ink—and like them tiny and simple—the work of Witty Button, a ta...
UK-based artist Alex Norris is the creator of these ‘Oh No’ comics, and they are an accurate reflection of adulthood. Using only three panels, Norris illustrates the trials and tribulations that many of us are familiar with—such as getting in shape, celebrating one’s birthday, and bin...
[Click here to view the video in this article] Madrid-based video editor Jorge Luengo Ruiz has created an awesome supercut that will delight Disney fans. It features the most beautiful shots from Disney animated films, such as Aladdin, Lion King, Tangled, Moana, and much more. Watch it ...
Istvan Csekk est un artiste hongrois qui imagine de jolis collages animés. Pour sa série Shining, il a imaginé intégrer le Soleil au sein de lieux déserts sur Terre. Le Soleil est animé et tourne sur lui-même. Le photographe et vidéaste nous offre un résultat onirique et imaginaire où le Soleil vient rencontrer la Terre.
[Click here to view the video in this article] Color in movies have the ability to manipulate our emotions and feelings. In the following video by CineFix, it explores 10 brilliant movies that make great use of color. Featured movies include Sin City, The Fall, Vertigo, and The Grand Budap...
Netflix will premier a new original documentary series, Abstract: The Art of Design, that introduces the work and creative process of eight leading designers (and yes it will air on Netflix Russia too, starting on 10th of February). The series is produced by Wired’s editor-in-chief Scott Dadich, Morgan Neville and Dave O’Connor. Each programme will focus on a different individual, the subjects are: Bjarke Ingels (architect), Christoph Niemann (illustrator), Es Devlin (stage designer), Ilse Crawford (interior designer), Paula Scher (graphic designer), Platon (photographer), Ralph Gilles (automobile designer) and Tinker Hatfield (Nike shoe designer). “I can guess what you’re thinking, because I have watched a lot of design documentaries. Restrained, polished, pretty—so many of them look like a moving version of a coffee table book. You’ve got softly lit interviews, esoteric conversations, and subtle tracking shots of wide landscapes beneath unobtrusive music. Most of it is clean, minimal, and boring as hell. We’re not doing that. My partners and fellow executive producers—Morgan Neville (who won an Oscar for 20 Feet From Stardom) and RadicalMedia’s Dave O’Connor—and I built a team of today’s best-known documentarians. Every episode stands as its own film, adapting the design sensibilities of our subjects.” — Scott Dadich, Wired P.s If you are totally in it than you have all chances to meet design gurus in life on festivals like OFFF Barcelona, FITC, Toca Me... Hurry up, tic-toc
Company: Happy EggProject Type: Commercial WorkPackaging Content: EggsLocation: TaiwanWe propose that eating a good egg is like having a breath of fresh air. We create a brand for cage-free eggs named Happy Egg. Our brand is built on six notions: friendliness, happiness, freedom, sunshine, fertility, and water. Instead of traditional paper coating materials, we apply transparent PVC materials to cushion packaging, which not only speaks for the concept of free air but also prevents collision. This innovation as an attention grabber would definitely create a novelty to consumers and facilitate the promotion of cage-free eggs. The brand positioning targets the markets of department stores. The natural, fresh, clean image of the product, different from what we discover in ordinary grocery stores, attracts people caring about health issues and thus achieves the goal of promoting cage-free eggs.Based on Taiwanese festivals and customs, three distinct packaging designs are created for Chinese New Year, Christmas, and birthday. Cage-free eggs that symbolize simplicity, satisfaction, and health are fun and nutritious. We plan to issue three books, introducing the basic knowledge of cage-free eggs, friendly egg producers, and egg dishes. Consumers could improve their understanding of cage-free eggs and update relevant information through the books. Also, to strengthen the concept of free air, we use inflatable materials to wrap books so that we can easily present the overall design and attract more customers.Read moreVisit Packaging of the World for more packaging design inspiration.
Photos by Brooklyn-based photographer Gabriela Herman (click here for previous post). More images below.
Creative Agency: Dow Design LtdCreative Director: Donna McCort Lead Designer: Leonie Whyte Design Team: Jeannie Burnside Production/Artwork: Jamie Pettigrew, Ben Dean Account Service: Simon Wedde, Michael Statham Digital Director: Michael Evans Project Type: Produced, Commercial WorkClient: Innova Products LtdLocation: New ZealandPackaging Contents: KitchenwarePackaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, PaperPrinting Process: Digital and offset printingClick Clack - A tidy kitchen is a tidy mindOur client was in the food container business. Ironically that’s a pretty messy and confusing place, for something that is supposed to help you get more organised. And that was really our Aha! moment. We saw it as a great opportunity for our client to be genuinely helpful. Tada! Click Clack Your Food Friend was born. A brand that talks to you, and helps you make sense of all those container options. What for what? What will fit my 900g bag of flour? Can I cook with this one? This makeover of an already established brand has opened up new retail doors that the brand had never dreamed of. Funny how a filling a genuine gap, together with some very smart design, can really get things cooking.Read moreVisit Packaging of the World for more packaging design inspiration.
Creative Agency: SOERENTIBOR GbrProject Type: ConceptLocation: Hamburg, GermanyPackaging Contents: PerfumePackaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Aluminium, GlassBeautiful Home Fragrances by SOERENTIBOR. The products have such nice names as "Cloud 7", "Morning Dew", "Sea Lust", etc.Read moreVisit Packaging of the World for more packaging design inspiration.
Creative Agency: ANGLE visual integrationProject Type: Produced, Commercial WorkClient: Taiwan RivonLocation: TaiwanPackaging Contents: Bridal cakePackaging Substrate / Materials: PaperRead moreVisit Packaging of the World for more packaging design inspiration.
Designer: George ChichinadzeProject Type: Produced, Commercial WorkClient: BaramboLocation: Georgia, TbilisPackaging Contents: Ice CreamPackaging Substrate / Materials: PlasticPrinting Process: Digital PrintInstead of launching another standard line of new product, I as an art director created a novelty concept of iced flavors – Barambo ice-creamMy main intention was to deliverto customers joy of communication, that sharing piece of ice-cream brings, product that was harvested with care, wrapped with artistry and carried to our table with love.Read moreVisit Packaging of the World for more packaging design inspiration.
God voice of Benjamin Clementine is back, and after month of unique promotional tactics, Gorillaz have finally dropped off a new record. Titled “Hallelujah Money,” the song serves as our first taste of the Gorillaz’s next major project and finds its debut via official video. Directed by Gorillaz and Giorgio Testi, the vignette for “Hallelujah Money” features its Trump Tower-based collaborator over a backdrop of animation and old footage.
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“The website for ‘A Splash Of Colour’ was one of our best interactive designs. The design solution was set up to clearly communicate the concept behind ‘ASOC’ by bringing the multi-coloured nature of the brand to the foreground. We did this by using colour selection as a primary filtering mechanism and in doing so, created something that was inherently different to the usual ‘curated’ product website. The site’s minimal and bold aesthetic provided us with a style guide that matched the ethos of the brand and allowed us to get the best from the supplied images.”
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this harley davidson military motorcycle is believed to be one of fewer than 500 examples, making it one of the rarest harleys in model history. The post harley davidson MT500 miltary motorcycle: a pristine example in las vegas appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. ]]>
using the sphere as the primary building block of the volumes, steven holl architects design the addition to the chinpaosan necropolis in taipei. The post steven holl architects extends chinpaosan necropolis with intersecting spheres appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. ]]>
italian designer libero rutilo blends the trends of upcycling and 3D printing for this series of flower vases. The post 3D printed vases turn your recycled water bottles into design objects appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. ]]>
Plusieurs fois mentionné sur Fubiz, Tom le french est un créatif français récompensé par de nombreux prix dont le Lion d’Or du Festival de Cannes 2014 pour sa collaboration avec Beats by Dr Dre.  Dans cette série, inspirée de la célèbre maxime
crafted as home accessories, the collection blends typical renaissance style with minimalist aesthetics of art deco. The post alessandro zambelli’s bronzini collection for portego at maison & objet 2017 appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. ]]>
archi-union conceals a digitally-fabricated spherical exhibition space within a traditional building in a pedestrian shopping district of shanghai. The post archi union interprets jade museum from 3d calligraphy appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. ]]>
Keisuke Terashima est originaire du Japon. Graphiste, il a imaginé un abécédaire bien particulier. Il s’est inspiré des rampes installées dans les skateparks et des figures qui y sont réalisées pour former des lettres. Le tout animé en GIFs, pour un contenu ludique et amusant tout en subtilité. Pour retrouver l’intégralité de la série Skatepark […]
Lydia, ce serait un peu l’invitée la plus chic à une soirée pyjama organisée à la montagne. Cette veste façon smoking en denim associée à ce pantalon en soie fluide est tout à fait rafraîchissant et assez inattendu. Un changement bienvenu dans cette marée urbaine de manteaux sombres… Chapeau, Eugenia Kim ; Sac, Ghurka ; [...]
FWA of the day 21 January 2017: Solace Project Link This captivating interactive film is based on a short story from the collection Pixel Juice by award-winning science fiction writer Jeff Noon, and tells the dark tale of a near-future in which marketing, DNA and addition are disturbingly intertwined. #FOTD #thefwa
Deap Vally x Natalie Foss Musician Anna Bulbrook (The Bulls, Airborne Toxic Event, and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros) recently launched GIRLSCHOOL, a Los Angeles-based music festival and collective that celebrates female voices. A portion of proceeds from each event go to a girl-positive organization, and this year’s festival (Jan 27-29) will support Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls LA, a 501c3 social justice organization using loud music to nurture self-esteem and self-expression in young girls.Society6 has joined forces with GIRLSCHOOL to pair up musicians and artists to create visuals inspired by the music, to be displayed at the event. See a few more of the collaborations below!
Brie: Terrifiée par la vérité et les mensonges. Emily: Si l’on en croit le rapport de 2014, le Times a encore un peu de pain sur la planche… Brittany: La dernière tendance sportive à NY est artistique. Alison: Bas les pattes ! Carie: J’adore les listes, donc je suis fan de ce site… Tori: Plus [...]
Long stopovers are usually considered by travelers to be tiresome, however, if you utilize your time properly, they can be a great way to maximize your holiday. Created for globetrotters, the following infographic highlights some of the best cities in the world to have a stopover. Hong Kon...
Colourful work by Brooklyn-based photographer Charlie Hawks. More images below.
[Click here to view the video in this article] President-elect Donald Trump is scheduled to take office as the 45th President of the United States next week. In anticipation of this widely debatable event, W magazine has decided to rope in several A-list celebrities, such as Emma Stone, Na...
Design by Paulius Kairevicius A logo design need not be elaborate to be good—in fact, in many cases, keeping things simple is a good idea. Website Branding Beard recently published an article stating that a “simple,sexy logo” can be very effective in branding a start-up or small busine...
Le dilemme quotidien de savoir quel bonnet ornera notre tête cet hiver nous a donné des idées… en fait, le bonnet peut se porter droit et haut, dans un style plus structuré pour un look plus sophistiqué, ou alors légèrement sur l’arrière du crâne pour un effet plus décontracté. De toute façon, ça tient chaud. [...]
Découvrez les kits de broderie pour enfants de la marque canadienne Kiriki Press, avec lesquels vous pourrez créer des petites poupées représentant des animaux tels que des renards, des ours, des lions, des hiboux, des castors ou encore des ratons laveurs. Une idée amusante pour se lancer dans cette activité.
[Click here to view the video in this article] To get people to quit smoking—and to show how inconsiderate they are when they light up in public—Swedish pharmacy Apotek Hjärtat and agency Åkestam Holst have teamed up to create an interactive billboard that ‘coughs’ whenever a smoker...
Netflix’s original television series Stranger Things is one of the most popular releases of 2016, and you would probably recognize its distinctive logo even if you do not watch the show. The logo—which has inspired the creation of this fun logo generator—is the creation of Los Angeles-b...
Is your New Year’s resolution to cut down on sugar in 2017? If it is, Budget Direct has designed an infographic that should come in handy. Titled ‘How To Beat Your Sugar Addiction’, it features nine ways you can reduce and control sugar from your daily diet. Some tips include replaci...
Talented paper artist from US Olga Skorokhod creates awesomely detailed artworks based on topography techniques. Her latest "making of" video of "Lake Baikal" work is something to watch on repeat @olgaladyart
Toronto-based artist Darren Rigo creates a colossal balloon man to hang out on his balcony but eventually flies him out to meet some kids across the street. See more delightful images and a fun video clip of “Colossus” below!
Designer: Maria HdezProject Type: ConceptLocation: Madrid, SpainPackaging Contents: WinePackaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, CrystalPrinting Process: Offset printingThe design is minimalist and conceptual. The shape of the circle represents the simplification of the grape’s shape. And the "v" is the greatest simplification of the wine glass. The pattern of circles represents in a metaphorical way, both the planting in rows, and the grapes that contain the wine bottles. The visual identity features modern typography within a simplified design by using a minimal colour palette.Read moreVisit Packaging of the World for more packaging design inspiration.
Creative Agency: Hills DesignProject Type: Produced, Commercial WorkClient: Primal JoyLocation: UKPackaging Contents: Paleo gluten free bars and snacksRedesign for Primal Joy brand - handmade paleo & gluten free snacks.These healthy products are good for the body and so our redesign reflected this with a heart shaped symbol merging the company’s initials in a unique way. The impact of this on a clean white background makes the range easily identifiable. Splashes of vibrant natural colours are interspersed throughout the range, helping to catch the eye of consumers and differentiate the products in a very competitive market.Read moreVisit Packaging of the World for more packaging design inspiration.
Creative Agency: Makers & AlliesProject Type: Produced, Commercial WorkClient: Hope Family WinesLocation: San Luis Obispo, California, USAPackaging Contents: White WinePackaging Substrate / Materials: Bottle, label, cork, capsulePrinting Process: Emboss, gold foilMichelle & Barack. Ellen & Portia. Beyoncé & Jay-Z. Lady swagger isn't given, it's earned. When Treana Blanc came onto the scene, we knew it would have to stand up to the already established Treana Red. A dynamic duo, Treana Blanc balances perfectly with its counterpart, yet has a signature style based on its own beautiful yet complex attributes. Using the same bottle mold as the Red, but in an eye-catching claret green, Treana Blanc gets a coordinating label featuring delicate embossing and gold foil--a more feminine take on the signature Treana Red gold filigree. The short capsule gives you a seductive peek of the custom printed cork, in order to–as all powerful women know–create interest without compromising elegance. Read moreVisit Packaging of the World for more packaging design inspiration.
FWA of the day 20 January 2017: Beoplay M5 - Connecting Spaces Project Link Beoplay introduces the M5 speaker giving all your rooms fantastic sound. We let the sound flow though the famous museum Glyptoteket and let people experience music written for the rooms and the art. Connecting Spaces. #FOTD #thefwa
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Cette semaine, Brie avait les talons craquelés et Emily se posait des questions sur les poils… pubiens. Vous avez répondu à nos interrogations avec des réponses en or, merci du fond du cœur, on vous laisse la parole ! Pour aider Brie… Jasmine : « Je viens de découvrir cette astuce et j’adore le concept [...]

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